Narcissus in a red dress

This is an outfit from a few days ago. Right now, all the snow has gone from our backyard :( I was hoping for it to stay a bit. Not on the roads or anything, but just in my backyard. I love the snow coming down and I love the special kind of lighting it creates at night. Everything seems so unreal and quiet when the landscape is covered in snow, as if you’re walking on a deserted movieset. I love that.
Anyway, we finally got our christmastree yesterday. My boyfriend picked it out, but when I saw it I broke out laughing: it is the most ridiculously huge tree I have ever seen. We literally had to cut off a third off at the top to be able to even fit it in our living room, and it took us an hour at least to get it into its pot and have it stand steady. I had to trim the sides because it was so wide, it doesn’t really fit anywhere in our living room but we crammed it in a corner where the branches basically hang over the couch where we watch tv. It is actually even sillier in real life than how I describe it :D but the tree is magnificent. A monument of nature. I adore it. I’ll just need a ladder to decorate it properly.
I’m just wearing one of my favorite floral dresses with some layers in order to stay warm. The scarf is my boyfriend’s, I love wearing his stuff from time to time and since he is a lot bigger and broader than me, accessories are pretty much the only things that qualify. It always boggles my mind if I compare our feet or hands, my hand looks like a little kid’s next to his. I always love how different we are, in fysical terms. Haha, I’m so weird. Anyway, hope you enjoy the look! And please come back, snow :(

red dress: pimkie 
socks, hat : H&M
boots: ASOS
cardigan: Zara
scarf: boyfriend's


  1. the snow only stayed for a couple of days here too, heres hoping for more soon!
    I love your dress and ring :) x

  2. The snake ring is so beautiful! I love it :)

  3. What a pretty print on that dress and I love that ring!!! :) Happy Monday!

  4. wauw, geweldige ring! en mooie schoenen.

  5. I've got this hat toooo ;DDDDDDDDD
    Lovely, lovely, I adore the dress.. and snow!!!!!!

  6. I love your dress! I really want your ring! I've been looking for some new rings but i can't really find the right one:(

    Marja <3

  7. Snowy nights are so quiet and still and everything has an orange glow from the street lights.
    I love borrowing clothing from my boyfriend too, especially cosy jumpers/sweatshirts and shirts.
    Gorgeous ring, where's it from?

  8. Cute look - I love the red in the dress.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. about the ring: I layered the snake ring over the flower ring my boyfriend bought me for our 5 year anniversary (I wear it almost every day), so cool that they look like they "belong" together :D

  10. Weren't you freezing in that outfit? And I love that snake ring!

  11. Wat een toffe blognaam heb je haha! En je outfit is heerlijk winters!

  12. Thanks for your lovely comment Annebeth ^_^
    YOu look so beautiful, i'm following you :D


  13. LOVE your blog!
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  14. jealous of the snow. there's a dreadful 23 degree wind chill in philadelphia right now. but no snow ! what is the point of that !

    ps, boots are a+; they look like a good "go-to" boot !

  15. yes i was so disappointed to wake up on sunday morning and discover that all the snow had gone :( it may have been freezing but it was at least pretty.
    have the same thing with my bf, he's tall and huge in a Dutch way, and I'm tiiiiiny in a Mediterranean way so I always get bear hugs from him. Mine are more like mouse hugs ;)

  16. super lindas fotos y adorable estilo!!!

    lo ame!!!

    take a look!