Mad Men

I’ve been religiously watching Mad Men the last few weeks and somewhere between the drama and the suspense, the style really seeped into my brain. Let’s be honest: who can resist the perfect tailoring in rich colors and constricted but sexy shapes?

I know I can’t. I’ve had this dress for two years, and I really love it. I wanted to put it on yesterday, and suddenly it SCREAMED office-chic to me in a Mad Men like way, maybe a tad more seventies though combined with my clogs and my floral headband. Anyway, if Mad Men would take place in the seventies, this would be a great outfit to wear to the office. Since the pussy-bow is one of those stylish details that have been in and out of style since the fourties, you can’t really put a “date” on it, but you can tie it to a vibe: ladylike and refined romance. You all know I love a romantic look, so it probably doesn’t surprise you that I love a good pussy-bow. I’m totally feeling Mad Men as a fall inspiration. My only problem with that retro thing that is going on in the fashion world right now, is that I do feel like it looks infinitely better with heels. And I just can’t wear heels on a day to day basis, especially when I have to go to class. Maybe that’s the reason why my style gets more “tough” in the colder months when I have classes: tough just looks better with flat, rugged boots. Does anyone have any tips on what sort of flat, comfortable shoe to wear with a more retro, Mad Men inspired look? I’m not a fan of ballerina flats, especially not with tights in them, so leave those out. And kitten heels are hardly comfortable when you have to tread cobblestones to get to class. Other options?

I'm thinking of using Twin Peaks' Audrey as an inspiration to make the Mad Men look more class-appropriate. Audrey also brings a bit of Lolita to the table, and we all know how much I love that spunky Lolita.

Our girl Audrey had her own little secret to look stylish in class and I think most of us have used the trick once too:

Having heels in my purse is a nice solution, but I'd rather just wear those gorgeous wing tip lace ups! I wouldn't mind some nice brogues to go with the vintage look, I guess that's my best option? I really like the fact that flats add a little innocent girliness to the rather serious retro look of the whole fourties-fifties silhouette.
(all images - source: google)

I’ve been inspired by LLYMLRS too, beauty wise. She ties in with Alexa Chung, my other beauty inspiration: I’m loving a heavier sixties eyeliner with pale lips and messy hair this winter.
 it doesn't hurt that she's absolutely stunning either.
source: google

I’m thinking of growing my hair out a bit and perhaps putting some bleach on the ends to create that ombre effect that looks so perfectly rocker-boho. Combine that beautylook with typical sweet sixties dresses, possibly some virginal white tights and my more rugged accessories, like flat motorcyle boots and I’m seeing this sixties girl that can’t decide whether she wants to be a rock chick or a good girl. I think that look would be totally me. Are you seeing it? 

source: google, topshop, asos and dear creatures

Anyway, this is today’s look! Love every single piece, and this time I DIDN’T take off my headband to go grocery shopping!

 dress: zara
headband: H&M
shoes: new look


  1. Some great fall inspirations!!! I am also loving the pale lipstick and heavy eyeliner for fall!!


  2. So lovely

  3. lovely vintage princess :)
    Alexa is a true beauty, and her hair looks amazing but effortless.. I wish I could do that with my hair too :)

  4. lovely vintage princess :)
    Alexa is a true beauty, and her hair looks amazing but effortless.. I wish I could do that with my hair too :)