Mad Men again: F/W inspiration

When I first read and heard about the number one fall/winter trend, namely 50s silhouettes, I wasn't so sure about it. It felt so incredibly rehashed, just 50s revisited and while I quite like that fashion era and don't mind wearing 50s inspired looks, it felt like a lazy trend. Nothing new, nothing stimulating, nothing... inspiring? But then I started really getting into Mad Men. And I started seeing F/W lookbooks. And while I'm still not absolutely gobsmacked by the trend, it has started to slowly win me over. The looks are just so perfectly pretty and they really speak to my aesthetic. I guess that while they don't exactly pull me out of my comfort zone, they will still make me feel pretty and put together. I'm even slowly being won over by this new dress length, mid calf and all.
Come on, who wouldn't love to look like this.
strawberry koi

 Dear Creatures

I'm sort of slowly distilling a F/W look for myself out of all these influence. I'm getting there. What are your fall inspirations?


  1. I totally agree,i cant really see myself going for the 50's trend. But when it comes to Louis Vuitton's 50's inspired collection i am a sucker for the trend.They made it look so effortless and chic! i was amazed :D at the moment though my fall inspiration is the camel coat;so classic and stylish :D

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  2. I really love this trend...I'm totally into everything vintage!