Inspiration: Goth

source: fashion toast

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Alexa Chung for Madewell

(the lips)
source: google

maybe I'll rediscover all black this fall?


  1. I love goth style. I also love all black... but too much... so I try to stay away... but after this photo collection I don't think I'll be able to! All black with a strong white collar is SO GOOD.

  2. oh yes if I ever find a velvety black dress with a good white collar I'll snap that up in an instant! I might even just look for some old white men's shirt to cut off the collar and attach it to some dress... Inspirational for sure!

  3. loove all of this. i'm with you, rediscovering my inner goth hehe. ooh i really want to wear velvet too! omg i have this velvet pants, ill share it with you soon via Chictopia. love this post, inspiring! <3

  4. Can't wait to see your velvet pants! And can't wait to see my velvet skirt either :D