Gimme time

 dress, poncho: H&M
shoes: pimkie

Say hello to my new H&M poncho! Going at 19.95 a piece, these are a total steal and SO perfect for fall. It also comes in camel, so for those camellovers out there: go get it! It is seriously like a blanket and a coat mixed in one and so warm and cuddly and perfect for layering over your summerdresses! I love the drapey shapes it creates. The dress is my favorite little ballerina dress with the floral corsage on the waist band, and I have always loved pink with grey so this outfit was simple perfection to me. The kaki lace up wedges are neutral and edgy at the same time and I loved the understated punch they gave this look. You can’t really tell, but I’m actually wearing nude stockings here. Yes, it is already that cold. And the evening goes pitch black before nine o’clock. We really didn’t have a summer at all :(

You guys must be getting absolutely sick of me nagging about the weather, right? So let’s stop talking about it. My boyfriend and I were going to visit a museum today, but the weather (ok me shutting up about the weather didn’t last that long) is actually pretty nice today so we’re going to visit my dad and go for a walk in the countryside. Enjoy your sunday!

PS listen to this song! Young Belgian talent!


  1. Seriously that poncho is Awesome!!!! Ahhh I want it:) I love the ress as well! Very pretty and the color looks great on you!

  2. Amazing ensemble,i absolutely love that beautiful pink dress and grey h&m poncho,you look fab! :D

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  3. hehe, i also amost bought those shoes at pimkie.. but i didn't. they're nice though, 'n so is your poncho! x

  4. sweet nothing: I bought them for 10 euros in the sales, couldn't resist that price!

  5. Oh I love the cape!!! It looks great on you! Oh and congrats on style icon, I wasn't sure if I had said that yet or not :)

    Sparrow & Urchin

  6. I got one in camel today!!! :D

    Nice look, you are such a darling you have inspired me for a cool look for work this week!! :)

    Have a good week. :D

  7. I'm sure you looked amazing Kim :D Thanks Lauren!

  8. I'm sure you looked amazing Kim :D Thanks Lauren!