Fall Girl

I let fall and the piles of fallen leaves in our backyard inspire me today and went for this sort of wood nymph in fall look. Who says that romantic whimsy goes out the window once the colder weather arrives? Ok yes, this would not look as good with boots and tights. I guess boots are just too heavy for nymphs to wear while dilly-dallying through the woods. Stomping around in chunky footwear doesn’t feel nymphy, does it? More like something a troll would do.
Ok enough with the fairytale references!

I actually put on this outfit because I wanted to wear a seethrough dress without a slip and with shortshorts. I’d seen the look on several other bloggers and loved it to death, but I don’t really have the right dress for the job. I ended up using this one, but it isn’t right for the effect I’m after. It works better with dresses that aren’t as billowy as this one. So I ended up being inspired by the wind that was blowing while I was taking my pictures and went with the fall vibe.

 dress: pimkie
sandals, necklace, shorts, bandeau top: H&M

This is a look that girls in warmer climates can wear too when they decide they want to dress more fall-appropriate: just choose light dresses in fall hues and pair them with darker colored accessories. Sure, you’re still wearing a floaty little dress with sandals, but you won’t look so summery anymore.
If you’ve read my last post, you know that I went to River Island (the first River Island in Belgium!), bought some ankle length dresses and met TAVI GEVINSON GAAAAAAAH

If you haven’t read it: read it now and be up to speed! My day was so awesome. I loved River Island, I LOVE Tavi and I’m so incredibly happy that suddenly, the longer dress thing just clicked in my head! I never really liked longer dresses for the colder months. Summer maxis won me over without much trouble (while I still find them sort of hard to wear for simple things like going to class), but the grungy winter maxi you’ve probably seen on models and fashionistas all around just were totally not my style. Too grungy, too “fashiony” (where fashion becomes too artsy and not really wearer-friendly) and too weird? I liked it enough on other girls but it did not inspire me. But yesterday I was wearing a pair of rugged boots and I took some longer, ankle/mid calf length dresses with me to the dressing room. I put on one of the dresses without taking off my boots (I’m lazy like that when trying on stuff) and suddenly it clicked in my head: this looks AWESOME
So fresh, so different, elegant yet casual and sort of… like something a slightly bohemien, delicate but fierce alternative chick would wear? I can live with that description! :D

I do prefer this slightly shorter length for the look to the real maxi dresses that (almost) hit the floor. It looks nicer, less over the top fashiony and is just more practical for rainy days. Who wants wet hems flapping around their legs while walking? I know I don’t.

I'm leaving you with red hot Joseph Gordon Levitt singing Gaga
wait for him to sing french, seriously goosebumps here :D


  1. love your pose on 3rd photo.. it looks like you just come down to earth... :)

  2. Cute photos and love the dress. Congrats on being style icon.


  3. Great dress especially paired with that belt!

    Sal xXx

  4. Cute photos and love the dress. Congrats on being style icon.