Dancing on my own

I’m not all that in love with this outfit, but eh, whadayagonnado abadit? I wanted to wear my beautiful skirt, but I sort of wish this jacket was shorter so it would hit me where the skirt started. It’s quite hard to find jackets and tops that are the right length though! You either have this shrug type thing that only covers your shoulders, or a “real” jacket that goes down to your hips.

I just sneezed 5 times in a row. I don’t think that’s normal. I’ve never sneezed 5 times in a row! And even though the temperature is ok, I’m cold all day long. Being sick is no fun :( Thank god my boyfriend is being so sweet and caring! Usually, he doesn’t know how to act when I’m sick because I’m always a super happy person and I think he feels threatened or something when I’m sick and starts acting totally “whatever” and that annoys me like HELL, so last time I called him out for it and this time he’s totally trying his hardest and absolutely succeeds at being the sweetest caretaker. Who said people can’t change?

When I opened my facebook last night, I saw that Cheri had quoted my outfit from yesterday on facebook, totally awesome!

I’m going to grab another blanket now. Catch ya later!

PS after seeing this article on chictopia about the make life juicy contest and its winners, I'm pissed again that I missed out on such an awesome opportunity. I would've been so honored to be considered as good as those girls up there!