Foolish Wives

My eyes are burning from staring at my screen and deciphering my own ridiculous handwriting all day (exams, how I love ya), so I’m not really inspired to write a lot today. I’ve been studying for my exam on history of narrative film. Very very interesting and I absolutely love the course, but it’s SO MUCH history! My head is spinning with facts and figures and movements and genres, and my self confidence is alternating between a “yeah, I’ll rock that exam, I love movies and I have an artistic eye” and “omfg I’ll never remember ALL OF THIS when I’ll need to recall it”. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. Exams are always a two faced coin in my book: on one hand I dread them, and on the other hand I can’t wait to go ahead and test my knowledge, prove that I’m smart enough for this, pushing myself to seek out every bit of information that seeped into my brain and wringing it out of myself to put it on paper. I guess I’m just slightly masochistic.
ANYWAY, thanks for the tips on foods to provide for my party tomorrow! I ended up going for something some of you (SarahJane and Sophi) suggested: lots of small things (hors d’oeuvre-y) with an emphasis on cheeeeeese. Hey, I’m Dutch, what did you expect? I already gave myself some crappy-ass nail art job for the party tomorrow. Oh well, it looks sort of funky. In both a good and a bad way.
About the outfit: my lovely H&M garden collection dress and my new collection H&M clogs! I saw these in a S/S 2011 preview on some blog and fell in love immediately. They also come in orange and a light tan, but the green was just so… minty and awesome! One can never have too many weird colored shoes. I totally dig this combination by the way, the frilly dress with the studded belt and the textured tights and cardi work great together, and so do the colors. I’m tooting my own horn here, but that’s just how I am when I love an outfit! Hope you love it too!

 dress, cardi, tights, clogs: H&M (this is bad)
belt: old, don't remember. I've had this mother since I was 14 or something!

btw my pictures are suddenly in focus again? Weird camera.

Annebeth in Wonderland

When I was editing my pics I suddenly thought “hey, lets screw these up and make my readers think they be trippin’”. Sometimes it’s cool to look at pictures and feel like you’ve smoked something illegal, right? I like the colors going on here. I wish my garden actually looked like this. I’d been looking for crushed velvet leggings for EVER (don't ask me why, I don't know either) and I finally found some for like 10 euro in the H&M kids department. The largest kid sizes can still fit you if you stretch them a bit, and velvet stretches a lot so this totally works. I wanted to wear this lace bodysuit I’ve had in my closet for years (but don’t wear often enough), and I suddenly realized I hardly have any sleeveless dresses. I usually hate dresses with spaghettistraps because they just look cheaper than dresses with sleeves, but they are perfect for this type of layering so my pickyness got me in quite a pickle. I ended up going with this dress, but the look would’ve been a lot cooler with a printed, more fitted dress. I added my floral headband for a bit “extra” so the entire outfit is all over the place, but I still like it. Black on white tones it all down a bit. But I guess my trippy garden screws up the simplicity again.
I probably told you guys already, but I’m planning a new year’s eve party with two of my best girlfriends. My boyfriend is invited too, haha! I’m trying to find something to cook that is both easy to cook and deliciously festive. Any tips? It doesn’t have to be all too fancy, but it has to be better than spaghetti or french fries. Looking forward to your tips!
I don’t want to go out because every place is crowded and it’s HELL getting anywhere and I always get frustrated trying something to wear that is warm enough for the trip to wherever I’m going but cool enough to party once inside, so I’m just going to be chillin’ at my pad with my boo and my friends. We’ll probably drink too much wine, play too much pictionary and end up beating each other up over a lost game of Mario Party on the Wii. Sounds perfect to me! Do you have any nice plans for new year’s eve?

 dress, leggings, bodysuit, ring: H&M
boots: Pimkie
headband: etsy (littlehoneypies)


A slightly more boring outfit today. Good outfit days are totally a double edged knife: you look good that particular day, but the next day will probably be an inspirationless day and having to chronicle every outfit on a blog makes you doubt every choice you make and forces you to do some sort of mental comparison between outfits to see if I’m keeping up the standard or not. Sometimes I try to remember what it was like back when I didn’t post my outfits every day and got all into fashion. It seems so long ago, but if I compare my outfits from when I just started blogging on chictopia just a year ago with my outfits today, my style has evolved so much. My outfits were so ordinary and normal most of the time back then. Do you guys ever think of “before” fashion defined such a big part of your life? I can hardly remember the days I’d settle on a top and a pair of jeans when I had gotten out of the shower. I would never ever do that anymore today. I might just grab tights and a dress if I was feeling terribly sick, but I’ve actually come to the point where I wouldn’t feel like I was being “me” if I’d just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Is that pathetic? I’ve never had hobbies before this fashion thing happened, maybe everyone who gets way into a hobby ends up like this? I’m probably just overthinking my blogging because I stumbled upon Julie & Julia yesterdaynight during a late night drive through my televised landscape. I thought I wouldn’t like it because it’s such a typical chick flick, but I did. I love Meryl Streep and I love food, so I should’ve know I’d like it. I totally want Julia Child’s kitchen(preferably along with a house in Paris). And her cooking skills of course.
ANYWAY this is my outfit, I wanted to wear my vintage coat and be comfortable so this is what I came up with. Not too bad, not too good. Thanks for all your lovely feedback on my last post! Enjoy your day :)

 coat, shorts: vintage
scarf, tights: Pimkie
sweater: H&M
boots: Sacha

Sick with Desire

Regular readers might’ve noticed that I didn’t update yesterday, even though I usually do daily blogposts. You might ask yourself where I was and you may have thought I was out doing glamorous things, hanging with my girlfriends, partying the night away or something. Well, you are sadly mistaking. I don’t really want to gross you out with the details, but my night and day mainly involved numerous trips to the bathroom, staying in bed until 3 in the afternoon because walking around made my stomach turn and rapid dehydration. No, I did not have a fun day. Some kind of stomach flu hit me like Mohammed Ali on a rampage. So I was not in the mood to take pictures of myself (FYI, I was wearing blue pajamas with a reindeer print allover and pink socks), let alone write about myself.
So you get my update now. Luckily I’m one of those people who get sick HARD and recover fast. I lost 1,5 kg in one day, that is some serious shit. No pun intended. Anyway, I’m feeling somewhat better now. I had two slices of bread. I’m still not feeling very hungry though. Which sucks, because I love eating. I’m actually totally craving a plate of lasagne. My mind wants lasagne, but my body wants to have an empty stomach. Very unnerving.

Anyway, this is what i’m wearing today. The same tights and boots as my last entry (that made it to chictopia’s front page, yeay!), but if a girl can’t be a lazy dresser on a sick day, then when can she? I quite love this outfit actually. I adore the fur hat (last one at H&M, they all sold out because of the cold weather) and this maxi dress I hiked up a bit with a belt. I’m sure you’ve seen this one all over the blogosphere and I fell in love with it immediately too. I wore it to a wedding in november and I wanted to wear it again in a very different way, so this is what I came up with! The cardigan is a cashmere blend so very warm and soft and luxurious (bought it from my first ever pay check), and perfect for a comfy day of getting better (all the time). The necklace is one of my all time favorites, perfect for my more bohemien outfits and very unique.

Hope you are feeling better than I am!

 dress, hat, ring: H&M
tights, necklace: Pimkie
boots: New Look
belt: boyfriend's
cardi: Zara

BTW: I just ordered this off Etsy. I really wanted a denim dress to layer over tshirts and shirts etcetera and since our River Island didn't have that one dress I wanted to have, I had to prowl ebay and etsy until I found a cheap alternative. I can't wait to style it with all my Alexa Chung slash kinder garten inspiration!

White Christmas

White Christmases are very rare in Belgium, so the weather here actually made frontpage news! First white Christmas in most of Belgium in a very long time. I don't know if the snow had anything to do with it, but the last two days have been the best Christmasdays I've had in years. Nothing too special, but everything just felt "right".  I was perfectly happy and content and everything seemed to fall into place. I actually made roast turkey today for the very first time in my life and all by myself, and it was AMAZINGLY good. I had no idea it would taste this good actually! I thought it would be majorly difficult to get the turkey cooked all the way through and not be dried out, but it was absolutely delicious and succulent. Don't you just love feeling all grown up and accomplished when you cook something nice? I took some pictures of today's and yesterday's dinner. I'm not a very good food photographer, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.



we had potato croquettes (deep fried mashed potatoes, very common over here but you guys don't really eat it I guess?), cranberry sauce and euhm I don't know what you call it in english. It looks like this:

So silly that I can't seem to think of the right word! Anyway, that's what we had, and it was really good. For desert I just had simple but delicious strawberries with whipped cream and some ice cream! Nomz. As a matter of fact, I'm going to get another serving of that last one right now. What did you have for Christmas dinner? Was your Christmas magical?

Outfit of the day was simple and sort of boring but warm and comfortable. Except for the boots, but I only put those on to make the outfit less boring. I'm not feeling very inspired I guess. I do love my faux fur ridiculously awesome snood!

sweaterdress, socks, snood: H&M
cardigan: Zara
boots: New Look

Oh Christmas Tree

Another bad picture today, not clear or sharp or anything but I still love the feel of it. Romantic and perfect for Christmas eve, right? I went for a comfortable, vintagey look for our christmas eve. We had some shopping to do today, getting food for three days because the shops are closed. We got sushi for tonight, turkey for tomorrow and lamb for sunday. I don’t know about you, but it all sounds prettttty nice to me! This is what I wore for our very stressful day of getting ready for christmas. The day started out perfectly (I’m being sarcastic, which will be obvious if you keep on reading): we got downstairs to the sight of our humongous christmastree that had toppled over someway. Probably one of the cats did it, but it had been getting more like the leaning tower of Pisa for days so I blame my boyfriend for postponing getting it upright again. When we were cleaning up the mess, our vacuum cleaner broke down. We were planning on spending christmas eve over with some relatives, but the roads are so slippery and we didn’t want to risk it, so that plan fell through and we had to come up with a last minute plan for food tonight. Ok, it isn’t the end of the world, but if you know something about how crowded shops are on the days before christmas, you know you don’t want to be caught last minute shopping for food if you don’t even know what you want to get. So we went to the shopping mall to get the food, and I went to get a cart. Our money got stuck in the cart and the chain that connected it to the line of other carts wouldn’t let go. So I had to find some guy with tweezers to get that thing out. Not because I can’t miss a bit of change, but because it was our last piece that would enable us to get a cart. Anyway, a couple of guys ended up helping me getting it out (yeay christmas spirit!) and after way too much time spent getting annoyed at people getting in our way while we were shopping, we got home safe and sound. There should totally be traffic regulations for busy shopping days if you ask me.
Anyway, I’m watching Home Alone right now, huddled up in a blanket, and the food was very nice, so in the end all was well. My boyfriend is falling asleep on my shoulder and I’m feeling perfectly content, just how christmas should feel.
The outfit was all about being comfortable and still a bit festive. This dress is really pretty and both casual in silhouette and fun in print and fabric. I’m absolutely over-wearing this beret, aren’t I? I just love it so much, the perfect way to complete an outfit. I’m even wearing it indoors these days. You know you’ve been converted to hat-wearing when you don’t take off your hat when you enter a building. I wore simple lace up ankle boots with a small heel with this, and my red coat. You can’t feel the Christmas spirit without wearing red and white if you ask me!
We stil have some muffins and a form of christmas pastry lying around. I think I’m going to overeat myself just a bit more now.
Happy holidays, sweethearts!!
 dress, coat: H&M
beret, ribbon worn as belt: old
tights: Pimkie
boots: Texto

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5, 6, 7, 8!

Here's my new EIU article!

Stylish women have been ready to fight for their right to party for decades, so with Christmas, cocktail parties and New Year’s eve nearing, we thought it would be a nice idea to look for some past-inspired party looks! Whether you want to strut your curves like Joan Holloway or discodance the night away like Charlie’s Angels, there is a perfect look out there for you. It might be a cool idea to channel these looks for different occasions: classy fifties for a holiday party with your parents or inlaws, sweet sixties for a soiree with the boyfriend, sexy seventies for the single chick looking for a flirt or crazy eighties for a crazy night with the girlfriends.


The fifties were all about grown up ladylike elegance and feminine silhouettes. Go for a longer hemline (around kneelength), never forget your waist and keep your accessories timeless and classy. A hint for this look (and basically all the looks I’ll be explaining): ask your mom or grandma for tips or original pieces that fit the look or might even date back to this particular decade! Want to channel the fifties in your hair and make up? Go for perfect eyebrows, subtle winged eyeliner and pretty colored lips. The fifties were all about a neat, perfectly polished look so the make up has to be perfectly in place. Same goes for the hair: go for glamorous curls or a nice updo! For modern inspiration: take a note from pinup Katy Perry! Want to get inspired by the real thing? Check out Marilyn Monroe. The chictopian way: leanna_xo is the perfect fifties flirt in her pink sweetheart promdress and simple but feminine hair and make up. She even LOOKS like our make up example!

Shop your own fifties inspired party look here:
1, 2, 3 and 4!
my pick:

perfect to dress up with opera gloves, an over the top updo, bright red lips and pearls!


This one’s my personal favorite: I love how the sixties mix a sort of sexy, free spirited cool chick appeal with a childlike girly innocence. Go for mini: short babydoll dresses or formal shorts, and pair them with eye-catching tights in a cool color or print, or even over the knee socks. Simple silhouettes with big impact graphic prints are the way to go. Try platforms or flats for this party look, some cute flats look totally fresh with a sixties dress! Make up should be light on the lips and heavy on the eyes, and your hair should be either sleek and short like Twiggy’s or teased and Barbarella big! Full bangs work extremely well with this doe eyed beauty look as well, you might want to try out some clip-on bangs for fun! Modern day sixties icon: Zooey Deschanel. The real thing: Twiggy andBrigitte Bardot. Style gallery inspiration: Someonelikeyou18 looks utterly adorable and ready to party the night away, Jackie Kennedy style!

Get your ticket to the time machine here:
1, 2, 3 and 4.
I'd really get number four if I needed another dress:


For you glamourlovers out there, this is your look! A natural, grown up femininity with a lots of confidence and pizzaz. Go for length to channel your inner discodiva: either a beautiful maxi dress or a cool jumpsuit! When it comes to hair: CRIMP! VOLUME! BIG! AFRO! FAWCETT-ESQUE WAVES! My point being: with a rather simple maxi dress or jumpsuit, you can afford to go all out on the hair. Same goes for make up: try out glitter and smokey eyes in a color like a deep green, purple or blue. Lips should be glossy or you could even go all Marc Jacobs S/S2011 with heavy eyes and dark lips. That collection is a great inspiration to dress discochic, by the way.
Modern seventiesbabe: BeyoncĂ© (check her out in Goldmember!). The originals: Charlie’s Angels! Our very own discodiva: zozocouture. I want that jumpsuit.

Get your seventies gear here!
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
what I'd get:

totally princess Leia goes to the disco, right?


The eighties have a bad rep. Okey, lots of questionable styles made their debut in the eighties, but if handled with care an eighties inspired party look can be just perfect for the funloving girl that isn’t afraid to make a statement. The keyword here is GO BIG! Don’t be afraid to take a risk here. Crazy volume, crazy colors, crazy anything. Poofy promdresses and big shoulder details are cool ideas to try out. Pair girly dresses with fierce boots or studded belts to get that eighties aesthetic. When it comes to hair and make up, my advice is once again to GO BIG! Heavy on eyes, heavy on lips, big hair and lots of accessories. If you have a big personality, your look might as well match!
Modern eighties icon: Rihanna. The girl who practically invented this look: Cyndi Lauper. 80’s on chictopia are expressed by our style icon Joannaladrido!
The pink socks and the studded accessories are spot on for a (girls just wanna have) fun look!
Buy it here!
1, 2, 3 and 4.

my take:

my lanvin would be perfect for an over the top eighties look, I'd just have to throw on some clashing colored heels or rugged boots, put a giant bow in my hair and wear all kinds of statement jewelry and paint my face! The eighties are so much work :(

I’m especially feeling the sixties and the fifties for my holidayparties, which ones are your faves?

Btw that sequin stunner last option I listed with the fifties bit is a MAJOR steal in the sales right now, such a show stopper!