Outfit: Make it Yours with Kipling

Outfit: cropped knit, levi's wedgie jeans, leopard boots

Outfit: cropped knit, levi's wedgie jeans, leopard boots
Lime Crime red velvet velvetine
Kipling Art M
Outfit: cropped knit, levi's wedgie jeans, leopard boots
 cropped jumper: c/o Shein (sold out, similar here) - Art M weekender bag: c/o Kipling - jeans: Levi's Wedgie fit - leopard boots: c/o Wonders shoes - lipstick: Lime Crime Red Velvet

This outfit is decidedly more urban inspired than what I usually wear, but I felt very cool, sexy and comfortable in it, so whatevz. As an aside, wtf kind of term is "urban" anyway? I mean I understand using a more neutral term to separate style from any type of exclusive racialization (after all, black people don't all dress "urban"), but on the other hand I also feel like glossing over the fact that urban style is based in African American aesthetics fails to recognize their contribution to one of the most popular styles of recent decades. 

Especially today, at a time when being classy and "with it" in terms of style and fashion means covering up, boxy fits and not emphasizing feminine curves, I find it refreshing to revisit more body conscious, playfully glamorous styles. The Kardashians can drive things pretty far, but at least we can thank them (and my girl Rihanna) for repopularizing a different aesthetic from the ubiquitous Alexa Chung/Sienna Miller/Keir Knightley look, as much as I admire those girls' style. After all, more "urban" inspired styles are infinitely more flattering on a figure that doesn't conform to the gamine ideal, which (along with the black connotation) might explain why urban is often considered less "classy" and why celebs with urban style rarely end up high on best dressed lists. So typical. 

So that's my little intersectional contemplation on race, gender and style for ya ;-)

In other news: meet my handy new Kipling Art M weekender! I've been doing a lot more travelling over the past few years, and this Kipling bag is just perfect for a sleepover or a weekend away - even for a chronical overpacker such as myself. I also love the warm grey colour, goes with everything. The personalized embroidery takes it to another level, such a fun accent. You can have your Kipling items embroidered at their Antwerp store, with a personal message or initials - be creative! Great way to stand out in a crowd. And now I can proudly advertise my blog everywhere I go ;-)

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