MAC Velvet Teddy dupe: Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss matt effect in Soft Nude

If there is one beauty product that was my 2014 revelation, it was MAC Velvet Teddy - no doubt in my mind, even though Chanel Vitalumière Aqua comes in as a close second. 

Velvet Teddy and me, it's a love affair.

I think I've worn Velvet Teddy at least half of my waking hours ever since I've bought it, and I've only grown more in love with the gorgeous matte lipstick. Let's just say it this way: my selfie-rate increases exponentially anytime I wear Velvet Teddy.

So what better gift can I give you for New Year's than a pretty damn good MAC Velvet Teddy dupe, available for only 2.39€?

RIGHT, let's get down to it. The product I'm psyching you up about, is Essence's XXXL longlasting lipgloss matt effect in Soft Nude.

essence soft nude xxxl longlasting lipgloss
essence soft nude xxxl longlasting lipgloss

The product comes in a long, sleek container: nothing special, nothing offensive. Fine. The applicator isn't great, it's long and thin and soft, and not great for accurate application. I prefer a doe-foot or almond shape applicator.  But it's not impossible to use, and lipgloss is very forgiving anyway. The first thing you notice when you open the tube, is that Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss has a very distinct scent: like coffee candy, or caramel. Not at all my favourite smell, but it fades immediately when on the lips, and you might not dislike it as much as I do.

mac velvet teddy dupe essence soft nude longlasting lipgloss

As you can see, both have a matte finish, and both are warm, dark beiges. Soft Nude is a bit pinker, but the difference is barely noticeable, especially on the lips.

mac velvet teddy dupe essence soft nude longlasting lipgloss

Now, bare in mind that this picture was taken in cold winter light, which makes both products appear much pinker. In real life, they are more neutral/beige. I applied Soft Nude to my upper lip and Velvet Teddy to the lower. Very similar, right?

mac velvet teddy dupe essence soft nude longlasting lipgloss
mac velvet teddy dupe essence soft nude longlasting lipgloss

These pictures shows the difference more clearly: Velvet Teddy is more opaque, matte and even, and more neutral. Soft Nude is more satin, a bit patchier (easily remedied by using lip pencil underneath) and brighter/pinker. Still, very similar, the best match I've come across from drugstore brands. 

Of course, a Velvet Teddy lasts much longer than Soft Nude, and out of the two I still think Velvet Teddy is vastly superior. But if you love the look of this colour and finish and don't have 18€ to spare for a MAC lippie (or if you want to try this look out before committing), get yourself down to your local drugstore for Essence's Soft Nude.


  1. Ik ben 'm gaan halen, heel mooi en ook heel comfortabel om te dragen, lijkt eerder op een lippenbalsem dan gloss/stick/whatever.

    Also, bonusverhaaltje van het Kruidvat: Er stond een vrouw haar nagels (alle 10) te lakken met een Essence lakje (hoeveel zijn die, €2,50 ofzo?) en toen zette ze het flesje terug...

    Ik ben gaan klikken cause that's how I roll haha

  2. haha why am I not surprised :D en fijn dat jij em fijn vindt, de textuur is idd heel aangenaam!

  3. You wear nude lipsticks so well! I may have to search for a shade like this, since we have similar coloring; I usually look absolutely horrible in nudes. But they're usually too light, I think. This one looks heavenly!

  4. what you need is a my-lips-but-better shade rather than a nude, mlbb doesn't wash you out but complements your colouring. I bet velvet teddy would be stunning on you!

  5. So beautiful, very sweetheart feeling.

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  7. TheSunnyDay2013 .June 19, 2015 at 10:31 AM

    May I ask what blush you are wearing in these photos?

  8. Hey there! In the pictures at the top of this post, I'm wearing sleek's face form kit (in Light, reviewed here: both the blush as well as the bronzer/contourer, to create the shade you see on my cheeks. In the pictures at the bottom of this post, I'm wearing Canvas Taupe from And Other Stories, reviewed here:

    hope that helps!