Naf Naf neoprene floral

floral neoprene dress naf naf, zara chelsea boots
floral neoprene dress naf naf outfit
floral neoprene dress, and other stories satchel handbag
floral neoprene dress naf naf, and other stories handbag
floral dress layered over turtle neck, patent chelsea boots
and other stories handbag, patent chelsea boots
dress: c/o Naf Naf - chelsea boots: Zara - turtle neck: Pimkie - satchel: & Other Stories

First things first (I'm the reallest) - I FINALLY found the right html code to align my text with my images, and I'm absolutely ecstatic. I messed around with my html a few years ago but I never got the result I wanted, and just now I was sick of it and wanted to fix shit. A few hours of googling, and here we are. This article helped me out immensely, so go check it out if you're still struggling with making your images fit your blog post area.

Now, the outfit. Naf Naf Paris kindly gifted me with a voucher, which prompted me to visit Ghent again for the first time in ages, because that's where the nearest Naf Naf store is located. It's so strange where life takes you. I used to go shopping in Ghent with my mom and dad when I was a kid, I was elated when my brothers took there to go to the movies  when I was a tween, and in high school, Ghent was the city where I developed my independence by hanging around with friends. But when I started working to save up for university in Antwerp, it replaced Ghent as my "Big City". Now when I return to Ghent almost ten years later, it's like a new city to me, but one that's speckled with memories of the past.

The tiny shopping mall on Gent Zuid is one of those places. I remember the cheap shoe store on the bottom floor being the number one destination for me and my best friend, trying on stiletto heels and dreaming of wearing them to work when we'd grown up (we grew up, but stiletto heels never became comfortable). And on the top floor, there's Naf Naf, a lovely little shop filled with cute, playful French fashion - the kind of girly-cool style you'd spot on Betty or Alix. The shoe store was replaced by a new one, but Naf Naf is still there. There's probably a lovely metaphor about life moving me from bottom floor/cheap shoes to top floor/feminine French chic in there, but suffice it to say that shopping at Naf Naf was a lovely little trip to memory lane for me.

Whew, that got really randomly retrospective fast, didn't it? Either way, I love how this outfit came together. I made the dress more everyday-wearable by layering it over a turtle neck and pairing it with my favourite Zara chelsea boots. Definitely something I could wear for an important meeting, for example: to look professional without erasing my personality. And it will always remind me a bit of Ghent.


  1. I LOVE THIS. turtlenecks under jumpers are totally my jam in the winter. I wish we had Naf Naf in the US...

  2. I've always loved the combo! I can totally see you wearing this as well :) I just wish I had chunky, stacked heel brogues to wear this with cause it'd be so perf.

  3. Turtleneck + dress combo ga ik ook eens proberen! Ziet er prachtig uit :)

  4. My old layout had that code automatically in it and I thought my new one did, but only realised a few days ago that it doesn't and I have wonky pics, so thanks for posting this - will definitely be getting that back in on my blog!
    And LOVE that dress - I love wearing neoprene fabrics, especially the way they give structure to a piece of clothing. And the combination with the turtleneck underneath - gah, I want to wear this outfit!

  5. Gotta love neopreen! Is er ook een rokje available in deze print?

  6. ja! nog een rokje en een bomber jack, allebei nu in solden. Het rokje is wel minder wijd dan de rok van deze jurk, maar nog steeds vol. Als je de kans hebt om in brussel te gaan shoppen zou ik daar gaan, daar hebben ze een grotere winkel en dus meer kans dat je het rokje nog vindt! In gent waren er ook nog wel een paar, maar niet in alle maten.

  7. I love this look so much! A turtleneck is on my to-buy list to make my summer dresses wearable in the winter time. Isn't it funny how something like going to the mall can take you down memory lane?

  8. yeah, the longer you live, the more you have random things resonating for you :D

  9. supermooie combinatie! wist niet dat je in Gent opgroeide, cool! xo

  10. Zo mooi! Staat je echt goed :) en die link moet ik zeker eens bekijken, want amai dat heeft mij op mijn blog ook al gestoord..
    Naomi, x