Spring/Summer 2014 Inspiration and JAM Family Jewels

Hiya! On the eve of this day that started out lovely and sunny but turned wet and grey during late afternoon, I am in the mood for some escapism. Sure, it will probably be at least two months until it's warm enough to go out in bare legs and sandals, but IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT. It's true, Disney/eurovision/pinterest told me so.

So, what am I dreaming of for spring? Colour and prints! I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the rather neutral colour scheme I've adopted during winter when the warmer months finally come around. But in my dream world where I have all the time I'd ever want to style myself up in the mornings, I wear prints and colour. Here is some inspiration I've put together with my trusty friend polyvore.

The first look is totally late 60s-early 70s inspired, like a modern version of a vintage party outfit. The shirt dress is a total dream boat, but so is the turquoise jewelry, the holographic sandals and that adorable clutch. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL STUFF EVERY NEW SEASON :(

And how about this swaggy interpretation of the classic pantsuit? OK it has basically nothing to do with the pantsuit anymore, it's way too funky for conservative workplaces. But I'm still pretty sure I'd feel like a BOSS wearing it. I love sunny gold jewelry against tropical greens, and the fresh, minty accents in the Nike Air Pegasus sneakers remind me of blue shores and cloudless skies. Seriously, vacation in outfit form.

You probably noticed I used jewelry from www.j-a-m.be in both of my collages. I was contacted by Tinneke, one of my readers, last week. She told me about the online jewelry shop she'd just started with her dad and asked me if I wanted to check out her merchandise. After hearing the beautiful story of a father and daughter starting an enterprise together after the father's retirement, my heart did a little *pang*. 

My father used to own a store as well, and I would have LOVED to grow into the business, work together with my parents and take over the shop eventually. Unfortunately, life throws you curveballs. It's what you do when life gives you lemons that defines who you are as a person. Dad Mark using the end of one career to start a new one at his daughter Tinneke's side is definitely one of those life defining moments.

So if you want to support a young business with a big heart, go check out www.j-a-m.be! There are some total gems (pun intended) to be found there, and at different price points so you're bound to find something that suits your wallet.

What items are you dreaming of for spring/summer? And would you ever start a business with your parents?


  1. I freaking LOVE that geometric tropical print suit

  2. Oh ik zag gisteren iemand met herenschoentjes in zo holografic zilver als die sandalen... Za-lig. Nu wil ik alles in zo'n materiaal!

  3. Oeeeh love it! Vooral die laatste look! Ik heb recent J-a-m ook ontdekt! Altijd leuk om zo te horen dat mensen gewoon hun dromen volgen ;)