Classics: Blue Jeans, White Converse

Jeans: Cheap Monday - t-shirt: vintage - denim shirt: H&M - sneakers: Converse via Sojeans

This outfit is anything but trendy, but sometimes the classics are enough. On the weekends I like to keep things simple, trying to go as comfortable as possible without looking like a total slob. Denim, Converse and a t-shirt: it really doesn't get much more basic than this. I added the denim shirt for warmth, and then I realized how the shirt and the pants matched pretty much PERFECTLY. How cool is that? Hey, if you're going for double denim you might as well make it seem as if you're wearing a full denim jumpsuit. I'm totally going to wear the two pieces together again with the shirt tucked into the pants to really drive it home.

For an outfit that is 100% off-trend, I still think the red, white and blue jeans makes a strong impression. Like Lana Del Rey meets Bruce Springsteen: total Americana. And Americana always spells summer to me. Can you tell that the sunny days we've been having are totally making me dream of spring? I can literally smell it in the air these days. Bring on bare legs, sunkissed skin and long evenings!

PS: this outfit was subtly inspired by Debra Morgan, aka one of the most badass, heartbreaking tv-characters ever. She also has amazing hair.

UGH I want to make out with her perfect face.

What do you wear when you want to take it easy? And do you have any tv-show-character crushes?


  1. lovely girl! denim & striped shirt? perfection :)

  2. I love this classic look and how you're rocking double denim. You make me want a pair of white converse! They just look so great with your skinny jeans and striped top.

  3. Love it! Leuke casual look en witte all stars zijn awesome!

  4. hottie! Ik vind u super staan met classic en dat telt niet voor iedereen.

  5. Leuke casual outfit, en je lippenstift ziet er super uit, zo mat! Welke lippenstift is dat :)? Sabrina, x.

  6. 60 Lambada van Gosh! Fave red lipstick. Hij is niet ECHT mat, er zit wel nog wat glans aan. Meer satin finish.

  7. Ugh, I would look so strange trying to pull this off but you look adorable. And those gifs from Dexter make me want to speed home and pull it up on Netflix.

    Lately my go-to casual look for the winter/spring weather has been the best-fitting pair of jeans my booty has ever worked its way into (ZCO jeans, neither too high or too low, and with enough room for the all the junk my trunk has to offer), neutral caramel-colored boots, a pastel-colored sweater with some sparkle to it, and the scarf I just finished that (I think) breathes a whole new life into my wintery wardrobe. Sorry for the bathroom selfie. ;)

    I have too many tv crushes, but my main lady loves are Donna from Suits (SO much style and sass), Joan from Mad Men (same), and both Bo and Kenzi from Lost Girl. I can't really pull of Kenzi's look, but it doesn't stop me from drooling over it!

    I feel I should mention that I found your blog via your comments on xoJane today, and now I shall commence stalking said blog. I promise to TRY not to leave too many overly long comments and selfies in my wake.

  8. I can totally see why Joan is your imaginary tv bff as you totally look like a her. With a dash of Emma Stone. YOU SO LUCKY

    haven't seen Suits or Lost Girl yet, but I just googled Kenzi and she's a totally fab babe.