Date Night Outfit: Lace Slip Dress, Oversized Coat

coat: Choies - slip dress with see through overlay: Zara - fishnets, lace sports bra: H&M - pumps: ASOS Sonic heels

See, I clean up good! I wore this to go out to dinner with my boyfriend for Valentine's - sushi, of course. I don't do "sexy" very often but for the right occasion I can turn my swag on. And I'm not going to deny that it can feel good to dress up for my boyfriend, even if I hardly ever do it. We both respect each other's personal style.

I really cannot overstate how much I love this coat: I wear it ALL the time, it's definitely been one of my favourite buys of this season. Never knew what a long-coat-shaped-hole my wardrobe had until I got this baby. The dress was a sales buy I haven't been able to show you guys up until now. Since it consists of a fully functional slip dress and a see through sweater dress, I thought I was getting two good pieces for the discounted price of one. I like how this dress is actually loose and pretty covered up, but in a surprisingly saucy way. I usually feel more self conscious than sexy in a form fitting, cleavage-y number.

For my make up, I did a look that I've been very fond of for the past few weeks: a light version of a smokey eye. Here are some close ups I shot with my phone:

Very flattering and sexy in a subtle way. And easy to do as well, as long as you blend until the cows come home.

What kind of outfit/make up makes you feel most sexy?


  1. Love this look! Total babe. Your dress is very day to day appropriate!

  2. Oh GOD that dress is perf, and I only say the word "perf" when something deserves it. Your hair is doing amazing things too, just WOW. Love love love.
    Now I have turn my swag onnnnnn stuck in my head hahahah


  3. Camel staat mij to-taal niet, dus grey all the way! En ik kan de hakken echt aanraden. Ik heb heel snel last van hakken en deze vallen echt goed mee. De zool is ook cushioned, wat veel helpt. Thanks!

  4. Check! Heb ze in mijn Asos winkelmand gegooid :)

  5. Babe! Prachtige look met dat kant, sexy! Je make up is trouwens ook echt super mooi!

  6. I LOVE those slip dresses, they're just gorgeous, and this is a really beautiful one. You look fabulous! P x

  7. Annebeth you look unbelievably hot. Totally, and utterly... W.O.W. The fishnets, the lace, the sheer top... far too sexy for your own good!!!!!!!

    Catherine x

  8. Looking sexy as hell in a very classy way! ;)
    Doorschijnende, zwarte panty's doen het altijd voor mij.
    Naomi, x

  9. Zalige smokey! Moet ik ook eens proberen, ik doe het meeste een hele subtiele variant van een cat eye :p super mooi die slip dress ook!