Vintage Pinafore Meets Urban Sneaker Wedges

pinafore: Vintage - scarf, sweater, tights, gloves: H&M - sneaker wedges: KEN - beret: old

Another work outfit. A memorable day this day was, more precisely because of me finally merging my old, cutesy vintage style with the more current, urban vibe I've been digging lately. Behold me wearing a beret + pinafore with sneaker wedges! And it totally works, right?? I love sneaker wedges the best with more classic/elegant/feminine outfits, because that combination makes me feel like less of a fashion victim and more like these wedge sneakers are a total viable option that will keep working for many seasons to come. Might be fooling myself, but I still love the look. Quite simple and understated, but still detailed and fun.

SO do you guys think this works? And are you glad to see me back in a vintage-esque look again or COULDN'T YOU CARE LESS?

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  1. I do missed your vintage outfits! They look so right on you. WELCOME BACK!

  2. Dat kleedje is echt zo cool!
    Sabrina x

  3. ooooh it works, it works! I love this pink pinafore of yours, it's so pretty yet the sneakerwedges drive it to the cool side, while the beret gives a vintage vibe! Simple, fun, vintage and yesss urban, I LOVE it I can't tell how much. More, more! :D

  4. Great combo of your old style and your new one! Such a cute look!

  5. Heel geslaagd! Je mag altijd zo meer outfits stylen ;)
    Naomi, x
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