Pink, Ruby, Leopard

sweater: vintage - skirt: DIY - legwarmers, coat, hat: H&M - boots: Texto

Note to self: don't wear purple eyeshadow on a tired day. My eyes looked like I hadn't slept in days in most of the pictures we shot of this look. Trust me, I picked the most flattering ones! I do really love this outfit though. The pink, ruby, leopard combination isn't something you see every day, but it suddenly clicked when I put all of it together. Or at least I think it does! Feels very 70s to me, again.

I've had these legwarmers since highschool. I think I must have been 14 or 15 when my mom bought me these for Sinterklaas. Legwarmers are a pretty lousy gift to get, but my parents have always been pretty lousy giftgivers :-D I guess these were a better gift than I thought back then, since I still wear them to this day! I remember wearing them exactly the same as a teen: hiked all the way up over a pair of tights with a mini skirt and boots. I used to have huge hangups about my skinny legs you see. Thick, wooly legwarmers were the only way to get me to wear (short) skirts because they added some centimetres to my skinny legs. Yeah, teenagers are silly. How could I have missed I was a total BABE back then? (lol)

Off to chillax now, I've had a busy busy day. Laters!


  1. U're totally looking like a rock star after a gig and a good party. Be proud! x

  2. that's putting it positively! :D love it

  3. Glass half full kinda thing, need to live more like that! But seriously, u do look like that :)

  4. love it! You look so good in 70s inspired outfits, and I love how vintage yet modern they look on you. It's your touch, I guess :)
    Legwarmers! Just yesterday I opened a box and found several pairs of those and decided it was about time to use it again - they are so cozy, aye!

  5. Leuk luipaardjasje en ben nog steeds fan van de hoed (uiteraard).