Converse Nights: Skip&Die

I think that the total number of individuals who don't like Converse might amount to 7 people in the entire world, if my tally is correct. I am not one of them. Apart from them being the brand behind one of the most iconic shoes since 1917, they've also managed to keep their finger on the pulse of youth culture and hipness for almost 100 years. Evidence in case: their Converse Nights. This particular event was conceived to promote new, underground music in the Benelux and to bring people together to enjoy the subcultures that go along with the music. 

Next Thursday, Converse is bringing us their Converse Nights: Mixtape 5 party at Trix in Antwerp featuring Skip&Die, Aks and Kroons. Now, I can't vouch for the quality of all performers, but as far as I know Skip&Die is pretty fracking awesome. I mean, just check out Cata.Pirata, their lead woman.

You PROBABLY already know I like my (female) performers as bad ass as they come. Azealia Banks, Lady Gaga, Yolandi Visser, M.I.A., Grimes, Brooke Candy: big mouths, fuck-you-attitudes, crazy get ups and a mind of their own. That's the type of singer I fall hard for. And Cata Pirata seems to fit among those women perfectly. Skip&Die sounds somewhere between M.I.A. and Gogol Bordello and yes, I am liking it. Check it out.

That hair! Those outfits! That attitude! Yes please. Fits right in with my current fixation with 90s fashion, grunge and riotgrrl style. So, inspired as I was by Ms. Cata, I had to emulate that look for myself. Key items for a 90s bad ass: chunky boots, high waisted anything, big hair, crop tops, dark lipstick, a sporty vibe and oversized outerwear. Optional: beanies, acid wash anything, friendship bracelets, peace signs/crucifixes and mirrored sunglasses.

jacket: La Petite Marmoset - earrings, boots: H&M - top: Forever21 - jeans: thrifted - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

I could totally run with this crew, right?

What do you think? You into the 90s as much as I am? Are you going to see Skip&Die at the Trix Converse Night this Thursday? If you do, you'll get a goodie bag, yeay! For more info, check the fb page.


  1. I'm obsessed with 90s fashion. I love your look!

    <3 Melissa

  2. Zalige broek! En die edit maakt uw foto's echt af, precies recht uit een boekske van 20 jaar geleden!

  3. I love the 90s and I love people who can pull off a 90s look. You always look so cool in all of your 90s-inspired outfits. I love it so much!

  4. Love your photos and I love Converse sneakers so much!! I love the glitter Chucks I redeemed from Chictopia. =)

  5. Love this little 80s revival! Awesome pics

  6. Jij ziet er zo ongelofelijk goed uit met die jeans! Goed koopje.

  7. Coole outfit en zo leuke effectjes! Ga je donderdag zelf?

  8. Stoere outfit. Denim on denim is echt geslaagd!
    Ik heb identiek dezelfde Peace ketting. I'm obsessed with it!