Elegant Touch Glitter Nails with Glue Tabs: Review

SO, I received a set of super pretty ultra glittery fake nails by Elegant Touch, and I really wanted to give that shiz a whirl because they came with glue tabs. Glue tabs pretty much seemed like the holy grail to me, because they allow you to wear fake nails without damaging your own natural nails. ALSO, supposedly they are super easy to remove while still being sturdy. Since I have this tiny (big) thing for trashy accessories a la bling and fake nails I pounched on that shit like a cat pounces on your freshly laundered black clothes. Keep reading for my experience and opinion.

This is the package I got in the mail. Pretty, sparkly, slightly edgy fake nails. A case contains 24 nails in 10 different sizes, and 24 glue tabs. The nails are very pretty and sturdy, slightly rough because of the huge load of glitters but I actually like the texturized look. Reminds me of caviar nails

Regarding the different sizes, I wouldn't recommend these to anyone with fine hands. I had to file down a few bigger sized nails to have enough small nails for all of my fingers and ended up with more than half of the nails actually being way too big to use. I hate waste.

The glue tabs were quite easy to use (peel off from sheet, press on your own nail, remove protective layer and PRESTO), but I did find the job of separating the glue tab from the sheet a very finicky affair. A few times, half the sheet ripped off along with the glue tab until I wedged my nail between the sheet and the glue tab. I think this could definitely be improved.

About the actual process of applying the nails: each package comes with clear instructions. The step by step process is as such:

1) Prepare nails by removing nailpolish or other residue by giving your nails a quick swipe of nailpolish remover + clipping them as short as possible

2) Lay out the appropriate sizes of fake nails for both hands, which enables you to just tack each of them on in the right order. File down if necessary.

3) Choose glue tabs that cover as much as possible of your nail width-wise, or cut down a larger size before applying them to your nail. It is very important to have the glue tabs fit your nail in width, because otherwise liquids or other stuff can easily creep under the sides of your fake nails which loosens the bond between glue, nail and fake nail in NO time.

4) Apply glue tabs

5) Apply fake nails by aligning them with your cuticle, attaching it to the base of your nail by holding the fake nail angled, and then pushing down the end of the nail. This blog sort of shows the process.

And this is the end result:

I think the nails look very pretty, but sadly the glue tabs on some nails started loosening up after like an hour. When I attached my fake nails with nail glue last time, they basically survived everything from opening pots to washing dishes to showers and baths without problem for almost a week, so if you're interested in a long term perfect nail look, glue tabs are NOT your friend. However, if you want super low commitment crazy nails for just a night, I bet these nails are your perfect solution. Depending on what you expect, I'd give these nails a 10/10 or a 1/10. If you dig, you Belgians can get them for 10,45€ at Di.

AND THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! What do you think? Will you be giving them a go for some of the upcoming end of the year festivities? I might re-use the glue tabs I have left for another day with my crazy talon nails.

EDIT: Just thought I would share this with you, because it was such a wonderful surprise to me. I got an email from the Elegant Touch PR people to thank me for this review, and to let me know that they had heard complaints about the longevity of the glue tabs before. They mailed me to let me know that they are actually making a priority out of improving the formula of the glue tabs, taking our complaints into consideration. Seriously brands, THIS is how you make customers commit to you! This act of genuinely caring for our experiences will not be forgotten. 


  1. haha grappig volgens mij hebben we het echt exact op hetzelfde moment gepost :D Die zwarte zijn ook wel leuk! Om weg te gaan echt wel leuk!

  2. Ik heb de roze gekregen, maar denk dat ik de zwarte net iets leuker vind. Ik moet ze wel nog testen, ben nu bezig met die met stickers die ook met het glue tab systeem werken. Ik ben er niet meteen weg van. Heb ze nu al 3 dagen op en ben benieuwd hoe lang ze het nog gaan volhouden..

  3. je bent er duidelijk beter in dan ik, de mijne hielden het letterlijk een UUR :D grmbl. Ik vind de roze KEImooi maar de zwarte ook. Momenteel ben ik ook nog meer voorstander van gewone lijm, ik vind het idee dat ik ieder moment een nagel kan verliezen niet zo appealing.

  4. Love them on you! Jammer dat ze het niet lang uithouden, ik bedoel voor 10 euro... Dan kan je er evengoed een laagje glitterlak over doen denk ik dan... Maar goed, 't is inderdaad wel leuk voor een feestje!

  5. bwa, je kan de nagels hergebruiken he. Met andere gluetabs. Want in tegenstelling tot wanneer je echte nagellijm gebruikt is het verwijderen van de nagels niet schadelijk voor de nagels (zowel je echte als de nepnagels). Dus op dat vlak vind ik ze de 10 euro wel waard, zeker aangezien je niet met het gepruts zit van glitternagellak verwijderen :D

  6. Enig idee waar je die tabs kan vinden zonder de nagels? ik heb momenteel nagellijm en ben ik helemaal niet tevreden over. Met de tabs zouden ze langer blijven

  7. http://www.bol.com/nl/p/super-adhesive-tabs/9200000035787405/