Webshop Launch Party People BALLOONS

If you follow my blog, you probably know I'm a big fan of Sacha. This Dutch chain of shoe and accessory stores is not for wallflowers, but as far as eye catching, current styles at an affordable price go: Sacha is your place to be.  Colors, prints and funky details draw you in, and both the tomboy type and the pretty princess find their perfect shoe here.

Most of us already KNOW this, I can hear you going GOSH Annebeth get to the fracking point! Chillax babes, I know what I'm doing. You know how sometimes you are looking for a certain type of shoe, but the stores you usually shop at don't offer the perfect pair? And how that usually leads to hours upon hours spent on the internet, looking for your solution? Yeah, me too. I like being able to browse the stock online, on my own time, without the bustle and noise you usually get in a real store. Online shopping is the shit. But the good type of shit, you know?

ANYWAY, Sacha has finally launched a Belgian webshop and I was invited to celebrate this glorious day! I can honestly say I'm super happy, because often your local Sacha doesn't carry a certain style or size anymore, and you can still find it online. Free shipping if your order costs over 49,95€, and! When anything is amiss, you can return your purchase FOR FREE! Yes, this includes shipping costs. I can honestly say I haven't heard of any other shops that offer that kind of service. Also, your pair should arrive within 2-5 days. Jiminy Cricket, that's fast!

Because Dutch people and Dutch brands are the best (signed: the Bragging Dutchman), I was given the chance to try out the new webstore FOR REAL, which means that I got to order an ACTUAL pair of shoes! For free! I'm still giddy. After scrolling and scrolling and scrolling on a big touch screen (totally straining my triceps yo. Or is that your biceps? I don't know shit about fitness. I'm so unfit), I finally settles on the Sacha Pistol boots. Classic, elegant yet rocker-style and not too high a heel. Love!

I'll let you know when my package arrives. Now let's all rejoice for this awesome new webshop in Belgium!

And here be some pictures, yarrr


Humongous touch screen

Kim's superpretty peach nailpolish (it's Essie)


Goodiebags and balloons! EVERYTHING a blogger wants! Ha j/k

I also wore a cool outfit but I'm saving that one for tomorra. STAY SAFE


  1. die laarsjes zijn echt super mooi. Ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar het perfecte paar om te dragen onder een jurkje, maar vind het echt niet zo simpel. Ik ga zeker een kijkje nemen op de sacha webshop! xo

  2. Ik heb die laarsjes ook, goede keuze!

  3. Haha jeeej I love it dat ik stiekem DE STER ben van deze post ;) ;)

  4. Leuke laarsjes na-aper, haha half Belgiƫ draagt die :D maar ze zijn idd wel cool!

  5. dat was ook wat ik altijd zei tegen losers die ze kochten, maar gelukkig ben ik kei hypocriet :D

  6. Damn girl I am super jealous of you now! First because you can buy Sacha, AND online, which I agree is he best way of hopping ever(!), but also because you got he pistol boots! I soooooo want them, and Sacha doesn't even sell in the UK. Well I shal wait for Autumn and pray that the Topshop ones are available again, mehh.

  7. Ik ben nog steeds blij dat ik de camel-kleurige versie van deze botjes heb gekocht, maar mocht ik ze gratis aangeboden krijgen zou ik er ook geen nee tegen zeggen ;-)