No time to post tonight, it's ALL ABOUT EUROVISION. I'm rooting for about half the countries in the final, I'm not the most picky person when it comes to FUN! I already know most of the songs enough to hum and dance along. I actually think the quality of the songs is pretty high this year, and the Moldova dude is mega sexy.

Like the love child of Edward Norton and Colin Farrell. SHEXAY

I'm rooting for Sweden, that song could totally be a hit for Beyoncé or Rihanna.

Who's your fave? Or do you hate Eurovision? You're missing out, I'm telling ya!


  1. Haha ik kijk het nu :p Ik vind het heel erg entertaining haha
    Ik heb dit jaar niet echt een favoriet, maar ben het met je eens dat die van sweden het leukst is.

  2. Haha, ze zingt wel goed maar wat een wacko griet! :D

  3. hoezo, ze is zo schattig en vrolijk en mooi! <3 wat doet ze gek? :D

  4. haha moldovan reader here. Glad u liked our heartthrob;)
    I liked romania and germany (the guy was cuuute) but sweden has a well-deserved victory!

    p.s I rly like u're blog and especially u're writing. Plz, plz don't ever think about quitting :) It's so refreshing to see a blogger u can relate to on the internetz. U know: normal life, cat afficionado, complaining about thesis (fellow grad student here booya) and not the lack of some bag that costs a bajillion dollars.


  5. The best thing about both the internet and eurovision is being able to connect to other people across the world. Thanks for your sweet words! I am delighted to hear I am relatable, that's exactly what I want to achieve :)
    I liked Romania too! The German guy was cute but I thought his song didn't stand out enough :)

  6. I prefer the German guy. And Sweden deserved to win, even though I kinda felt bad for the Russian grannies!
    And Peter's "... beautiful dresses from den Aldi" comment was just epic!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  7. i like Eurovision, i like very much the italian singer but the song that won is so beautiful!!!

    Kisses from Italy


  8. Hehe, go Sweden!! // Sweden
    It was actually the first time I liked "our" song! And i'm a bit proud that swedish press focused more on the fact that Loreen criticized the Azerbaijan governement than the fact that she won, humble swedes:P