Sang your song, danced your dance

 dis ma serious face

Haha this outfit is so nineties it isn’t even funny anymore. Silly thing is, when I was a kid back in the nineties, I didn’t even like the way these sort of cropped, baggy sweaters looked! I thought they made skinny girls look like linebackers, and I’ve always had relatively broad shoulders so that kite would not fly. And here we are, a decade and a bit later, and I think this stuff looks really cute and care free. These days, I feel like hardly anything is original anymore. Both in music and in fashion. But it bothers me more in music. I mean, when a certain look has been played out, you just pair the pieces differently, no? This sweater has a 70s print, an 80s – 90s cut and it is hip now, in the 10s (haha how silly does that look). You could evoke either of these last eras by pairing the sweater with period appropriate garments, and if you really mix up the time periods right, you sort of get something new, no? 

Question for the readers: is it even still possible to do something completely new with fashion?

I needz to go wash ma hairz nao

 sweater, ring: H&M
dress, boots: Pimkie
bag: Zara


  1. Difficult question..I can't imagine that all around fashion is still existing but I also think it's difficult to invent a new thing which would fill a "hole" in fashion industry.
    Great print mix.

  2. You look so gorgeous! Love your ring ;)

  3. thanks girls! and thanks for the feedback, saskia! :)

  4. hmm, completely new? How about men's WORK clothes like tool belts, etc.

  5. I love the color pallet of this look and your ring, so fabulous!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. This is so cute!! :)

  7. Wow! I looove your cropped sweater!! i always loove your style!! And, hell yeah for the fashion innovation!! ;) I think each one of us has a very distinct taste in fashion, therefore we might always came up with something new, personal, and unique. Even some might not like it. :) What do you think? :)

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