Cape of Good Hope

Can you tell I really love my

- poncho
- garden collection paper bag waist shorts
- over the knee boots
- faux fur collar
- red lipstick

I’ve been wearing all of these a lot, some of them even since last winter, and I don’t see myself getting tired of them soon! Don’t you love it when you reach that stage in life when you know that the stuff you love now will keep on being loved for seasons and years to come? I think of these as basics, even though most people would probably call all of them statement pieces. The neutral colors and the fact that every piece can be incorporated in so many different styles makes them basics though.

Also, I love how I look like a musketeer in this outfit. A SEXY musketeer. Consider this my Halloween outfit as we don’t really have Halloween over here.
Enjoy your weekend!!

 cape, shorts, collar, bracelet: H&M
boots: Sacha
lipstick: Kruidvat
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. Great look!

    I love your lipstick color!!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. You look great, you have a awesome own style!
    Love the scarf xxx

  3. SO CHIC!!! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I finally got my over the knee boots:)This outfit is totally inspiring me!

  4. Hehe, this is a fun outfit. Very unusual combination that really works, the fur collar looks great with the poncho :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


  6. I love the Poncho. Still looking forward to find my perfect soon.

  7. Wauw die poncho is echt precies voor jou gemaakt =D
    En je haar zit heel mooi! ^^


  8. thanks so much girls! :D I just slap on my fur collar with any outfit so the combination didn't really strike me as unique, but I'm glad you guys all like it! :D

  9. Uw haar is hier toch ook wel écht mooi hoor :)

  10. haha thanks :D maar ik ben waaay meer into lang haar nu, sorry! :D

  11. Je staat toch met elke haarlengte goed dus no worries :p