Outfit: 90s mom jeans and leopard print ankle boots

cable knit jumper: New Look - mom jeans: Pull & Bear - cross body bag: Zara - leopard boots: Wonders - coat: H&M

I know mom jeans aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I think they can look very cool and classic if you style them well. A pair of sleek ankle boots and a classy winter coat take these from "mom" to '90s style queen. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I feel like I've really mastered the art of rocking vintage style denim over the past year, after almost a decade of being more of a dresses and skirts kind of person. Maybe it's because of the comfort factor, maybe I've just learned to appreciate the way my ass looks in high waisted denim.

The leopard print of the boots are the cherry on top, a little added flavour to this understated ensemble. I never thought I would wear these boots this much - I mean, of course I loved them at first sight, but I figured they'd be a fun addition to my wardrobe to spice up simple outfits but I've been happily surprised at how versatile they really are. It's true when they say that leopard is basically a neutral. I love how slim these boots fit the foot and ankle, elegant and almost like a sock boot but less flimsy. These do run small, so size up if you're between sizes!

I hope you're planning a lovely NYE!

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