Beauty: Dior Tie Dye summer collection - reviewed and swatched

If there is one thing that I enjoy doing every single day, it's my make up. I love grabbing my tubes, bottles, palettes, pencils and brushes, sitting down at the edge of our bathtub, and doing my make up in front of my small mirror placed in front of the window so I can use natural light. Make up is one of my favourite hobbies. And I have to admit I let out a literal squeal when I received a parcel from Dior containing a selection of their Tie Dye themed summer make up collection. Nothing elates a beauty buff like getting a box full of gorgeous goodies to experiment with, take pretty pictures of and to review for other make up enthousiasts.

Especially when the collection is as stunning as this one.

Dior Tie Dye summer collection: swatches and reviews

Because this post will be long and detailed with me talking about ALL the products in this shot, I inserted a page break. More after the jump!

Outfit: dusty rose Zohra x Pimkie trenchcoat

dusty rose trenchcoat from the Zohra x Pimkie collection

Outfit: Casual in Ugg Selene booties

Casual outfit featuring Ugg Selene booties and oversized cardigan

Feminism: body diversity, wearing bikinis online and Marlies Dekkers

Disclaimer: if someone starts producing content for the consumption of others, it is undoubtedly because they are attentionwhores. I am, unequivocally, an attentionwhore in the sense that I am not ashamed of presenting myself, my thoughts and my work to the scrutiny of others. However, I hate that word. Attentionwhore. It belies the fact that everyone enjoys (positive) attention, because that means people care about you, that you are interacting with others who notice you. That's not something anyone should be chastized for, not something that deserves a slur of its own.

body diversity: real bikini bodies
 as a woman, liking yourself gives many people a reason to like you less

Especially since it's so often used to humiliate women who are simply expressively enjoying their body and mind. A marker of the double edged sword handled by our society, pushing us to take pride in our appearance while always remaining self conscious not to overdo it, not to make it appear like we care, not to show how all of it takes work and effort. As such, I'm a huge fan of how blogs have opened up this whole world of women creating content showing both our enthousiasm in beauty related practices, as well as how much work, money, technique and bullshit is behind it. Blogs are the best equipped to address this inherently human hypocrisy of our culture, because blogs can be as rich and conflicted as the person behind it.

Outfit: girly in mint, pink and floral

outfit: floral tutu skirt, pink fluffy cardigan, vintage handbag

Beauty: Darphin Intral redness relief recovery cream review for rosacea skin

Guys, you know the main problem with my skin is my uneven complexion, riddled with redness. I was bowled over after seeing the effects that one month of Darphin redness relief skincare had on my complexion, but if possible, I'm even more blown away by this Intral redness relief recovery cream that I received in my mailbox last week. I mean, it's one (amazing) thing to notice a drastic change after a month of using a product, but it's another thing to find a moisturizer that subtly cancels out the red in my facial skin straight away. Read on for some photographic evidence of this awesomeness!

Darphin intral redness relief recovery cream review on rosacea skin

Outfit: Aria Montgomery inspired in leather jacket and butterfly print

outfit: Aria Montgomery inspired in leather jacket and butterfly printed dress

Beauty: gold glitter under eye liner

I've been feeling disenchanted with my regular make up looks lately, so I've been trying a couple of old favourites as well as new combinations. Nothing gives me confidence about my face of the day like a good cat eye, but sometimes I just don't have the time or the energy to get my flick on fleek. When I want to put in minimal effort to get my face to look awake and well rested, I usually go for strategic use of highlighter. A bit of iridescent white eyeshadow in my inner corners + a generous helping of mascara and I'm good to go. A few weeks ago, I got the idea to try a new version of this old favourite by playing around with my gold glitter liner a bit. Before, I only used it to gold-line the top lashline or the inner corners, but now I took it all the way across my lower lashline. Sort of like a more subtle version of this tumblr favourite look:

Anyway, this is what I came up with! I used Hema's gold glitter mascara/eyeliner for this look.

beauty: gold glitter under eye liner

Outfit: rose gold Tevas and boyfriend jeans

casual outfit: boyfriend jeans and Teva sandals

Outfit: casual in Nike Air Vortex and shades of blue

outfit: casual in shades of blue

Inspiration: 8 great work wear style blogs

Whenever I blog about professional dressing and office wear, I generally get questions from young women who have been trying to transition their style from the carefree collegiate vibe, to a more grown up work appropriate look. I feel like many of my contemporary fellow bloggers either end up in very creative fields, or just don't mind keeping that quintessential blogger trendy style when they transition into professional life. Which is totally OK, but it does mean that it can be hard to find points of reference of what regular (style conscious) people wear to work on a daily basis.

 I currently work as a PhD researcher, and my office is very laid back, so I can get away with basically anything. However, I'm almost 28, and I very much enjoy showing my maturity and professionalism in my style from time to time. Especially when I have an important presentation coming up. My own version of professional style generally ends up somewhere in the more comfortable/casual regions anyway, but I like seeing what other people come up with. 

I figured some of you were probably in the same boat, so I gathered a list of style bloggers who showcase a very relatable office appropriate fashion sense. Some of these are more fashiony, others are more conservative, but I don't know what your workplace is like so pick and choose! I tried to focus on "real people" blogs, blogs that feature looks that are not professionally styled and photographed, with bloggers who actually remix pieces over and over again in different outfits.

Outfit: professional in white blazer and silver sandals

outfit: professional in white blazer and printed pencil skirt

Outfit: silk blouse, skinny jeans, motor boots

outfit: silk blouse, skinny jeans, and other stories handbag

Give-a-day: give back with Bestseller

Hey guys, no outfit or beauty post today, just a few lines on a good cause you might consider contributing to. This Friday, the 10th of April, the brands under the Bestseller umbrella will donate ALL of the profit they make that day to a charity. This applies to every store worldwide, as well as the webshop

50% of proceeds from sales made in Belgium and Luxembourg will go to Hippo & Friends, a Belgian fund established to support scientific research on type 1 diabetes. The other 50% will be divided among three international causes: UNICEF, GAIN and Save the children, whose project 'Dream Schools' is dedicated to providing adequate schooling and better living conditions to children living in poverty in rural China.

So if you have a bit of free time this Friday, and you feel like spending cash, now's the time!
If you don't know what brands fall under the Bestseller umbrella, you can check a list out here. Some of my personal favourites: Selected, Noisy May, Object and Vero Moda. My current favourite pair of grey jeggings is from Noisy May, so I can wholeheartedly recommend those, but here are some other items that may tickle your fancy. I arranged them in three little outfits because that shit is funnnnn

Outfit: professional dressing in floral blouse and velvet trousers

outfit: creative professional in blazer, floral blouse and velvet trousers

Beauty: contouring for fair, cool toned skin with Pumpkin and Poppy

I have talked about my dalliances with contouring a couple of times, as it is very much still a work in progress. That's what I love most about blogging about beauty: you can track your own learning process through trial and error. Contouring is one of those things that I understand better the more I play with it. Recently, I noticed that my contouring products had become too dark and too warm toned to get the look I wanted to achieve, especially now my skin is last-stretch-of-winter-pale. The strange thing is that, despite not being THAT pale or cool toned, most contouring products out there clearly seemed to be created for people less pale, less cool than me. Allow me to demonstrate how you can figure out what kind of contouring colour you need. 

First things first: take a picture of your face in neutral lighting.

contouring products for fair, cool toned skin: review and swatches

Voila. Now, focus on the natural shadows you see, for example along my jawline and in the line between my nose and the corners of my mouth. The colour you see there is clearly a grey/taupe. However, most contouring products are true dark browns or warm mid-tone browns. For clarity: side by side shade comparison.

The bottom colour is fairly typical to contouring products, while the top shade is more true to the natural shadows in my face. Big difference, right? But like I said, it's very difficult to find a contouring product in the right colour. However, I wouldn't be talking about this if I hadn't found a solution, right?

Outfit: Striped blouse, platform boots

outfit: striped blouse, blazer, platform boots

Beauty: Guerlain terracotta joli teint powder duo, and Givenchy le rouge-a-porter review

If you follow me on twitter, you might picked up that I managed to tear my knee ligament a bit while simply sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Yeah, it's actually kind of amazing in a way, but not the good kind of amazing.

Anyway, that means I have more time to blog because I have to rest my leg. And today I'm showing you two items that were recently sent over for me to review. First up: the Guerlain terracotta joli teint powder duo, which I received in shade no. 03 Natural Brunettes. The product also comes in 00 Light Blondes, 01 Light Brunettes and 02 Natural Blonde. The brunette compacts are warm toned (peachy) while the blonde ones are cool toned (pink), so I would suggest purchasing based on the undertone of your skin rather than haircolour. However, as the product isn't excessively warm toned, I can still manage to make it work for my skintone.

review and swatches: Guerlain terracotta joli teint powder duo bronzer