Red Scarf, Knee Socks

skirt: H&M - boots: Kell - coat: Choies - sweater: Forever 21 - socks, scarf: H&M

As you see, I'm rediscovering my love for some of the items and styles I used to swear by during my vintage days. Over the knee socks, printed skirts, chelsea boots: I used to LIVE in this shit a few years ago. Sometimes I feel like I need to stick to a certain style, to make it seem like I'm consistent, like I know where I'm going. I'm trying to convince myself as much as you guys. But then I think of bloggers like Jane from Sea of Shoes, who don't seem to care about consistency, she just loves beautiful outfits. And then I feel like I can show all the different sides of me without being a sad fashion addict.

I know, totally #firstworldproblems, but I can't deny fretting over ridiculous stuff like this from time to time. I wouldn't care about this if I weren't a blogger, but putting myself in the spotlight like this does make you stress out over things like "what do my readers expect of me". Anyway, I loved this outfit and I hope you do too!

So, mixing my recent more minimalist, casual/sporty style with some more girly/vintage outfits: yes or no?


  1. Yes yes! :) Ik vind het altijd zoveel leuker als mensen gewoon aandoen waar ze zin in hebben. Dat hoeft helemaal niet 1 bepaalde stijl te zijn :) Leuk rokje!

  2. Absolutely YES! you look great, I love this outfit and I'd love to see more! :)
    and after all, blogger or not, a girl should choose what make her feel good - and special, we should never forget this.
    and btw, red looks stunning on you, it really compliments your natural colors. Loveeeeee it!

  3. lol! :D
    I am enjoying mixing vintage style with modern myself too, I think it really looks interesting! as you prove here ;)

  4. Prachtige rok!
    Ik blijf ook niet bij 1 stijl, ik doe gewoon aan wat ik mooi vind.
    Absoluut pro mixen dus ;)
    Naomi, x

  5. Leuke combinatie van de rok met de sjaal, echt een mooie look!

  6. Prach-tig, de combinatie van rood en zwart kan nooit fout gaan. You look great!

  7. I say yes! But I'm one of those all-over-the-place dressers and I just appreciate a good outfit, regardless of style. The print on that skirt is really pretty, and this whole outfit looks great on you.