Sneaker Wedges and Layered Knits

sweaterdress: Zara - coat, leggings, hat: H&M - sneaker wedges: Ebay

YO! I haven't blogged a real blog for days now, so out of character for me. But life happens you know. Before you know it, you just don't have time to blawg anymore. But that's a tiny white lie, I actually just sometimes don't feel like blogging, and then I don't. It's very liberating! And I guess it makes blogging more fun when you finally do decide to do a post again. I should take breaks more often! :-D

And with what did I fill my days exactly when I wasn't blogging? I went to see The Hobbit (OK, but Martin Freeman has as much charisma and comedic timing as a wet sock), cooked some yumz mealz (tomato soup, salmon-spinach-avocado tortilla wraps, lamb-hummus-salsa pitta, pancakes), played Mario Party, went grocery shopping and watched some really ridiculous youtube videos. In short: HAD GUD TIMEZ

As for the outfit, I'm wearing lots of layers of knits: sweater fabric leggings, 2 wool sweaterdresses, a beanie and a coat. Because guuuurl/boiiii lemme tell you, shit got serious up in here. SO cold. And even more snow! Which made my sneaker wedges come in handy because they are totally slip-and-slide proof and super warm. But all of that's gone now and the thaw has set in. Just when my new faux fur coat is arriving tomorrow. JUST MY LUCK.

I'll blog again tomorrow, I promise!

Night night.

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  1. Leuke foto's en leuke legging! Ik had een blogcrisis de laatste twee weken haha. But I'm back on track. En oh, ik heb sneakerwedges gekocht door u :') Cheap ones van de primark maar ik vond ze ineens leuk...

  2. Dude, I'm like in love with Martin Freeman HATER COMMENT but not really

  3. I love all the sweater-ness you have going on. I'm stealing your look for my winter travels. xo

  4. SORRY I just think he was super miscast! :(

  5. I'm sad you think Martin Freeman was miscast. I loved him. Then again, I might be prejudice because a) it's a Tolkien story (Hobbits and Dwarves!) and b) I love him in Sherlock. But I've heard a lot of mixed reviews for The Hobbit, so I'm okay with letting other people dislike it or things in it while I love it unconditionally.

    I want to steal your sweater leggings. And also all the snow.

  6. my opinion on the matter is more nuanced then how I came across in my blogpost: I think he's a good Bilbo Baggins, but his rather "straight" acting in comedy or drama scenes made the more "family friendly" tone of The Hobbit come across as clumsy at best and amateur at worst. It didn't mesh. I think I would have appreciated the more cutesy vibe of The Hobbit more if Martin Freeman had gone bigger in his performance. F.e. the dwarves basically ransacking his house got nothing more than a :-\ from him which just emphasized how much that over the topness clashed with the LOTR films.

    but apart from that, of course my thoughts don't mean you can't love the film! I quite liked it myself actually for its entertainment value, even though the emotional bits didn't quite hit as hard as in LOTR. Not enough character development in between all of the action sequences for me.

  7. sweaterdresses are never enough for this dreadful weather! Love this look with the knitted leggings, so fun and totally cool