Layered Knits and Boyfriend Jeans

cardigan, boyfriend jeans: H&M - sweater: Vintage - boots: Steve Madden - scarf: Pimkie

Lookie here, I'm wearing my boyfriend jeans again! A super casual sunday outfit with two layers of thick knits because it is fracking FREEZING outside. I am so in love with these jeans I would probably wear them everyday if that were appropriate but alas, they are not the piece I'd wear to work. Also, my boyfriend calls them my most ugly jeans, but he obviously hasn't got a clue. Because these are flawless. Like the Hope diamond. But not quite as expensive (yeay!).

I'm actually not wearing any make up in these shots, apart from some red lipgloss and some filled in eyebrows. If you were wondering, THAT's why I look a bit tired, pale and sickly. But in a totally elegant way, like those Victorian babes who died of consumption after being locked in a tower for most of their lives or sth. RIGHT? I seem to be on a roll with these strange analogies today.

Ending with a gratuitous shot of my boyfriend wearing one of my wooly hats and my gloves, because he looked so adorably stylish all bundled up.

cardigan, scarf: Zara - hat: gift - gloves: Etre

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  1. Wat een heerlijke comfy outfit!

  2. love the snow vibe in these pictures, such a dreamy background (even though it's soooo cold!)

  3. Die sneeuw mag toch echt smelten nu. Ik ben mijn praktische outfits beu aant geraken.
    Die trui cardi is echt wel leuk, like a blanket en de jeans is niet lelijk. Filip, you're wrong!

  4. ik oooooook het is ZO koud en ik ben praktisch zo beu :(

  5. Volgende week wel trg warmer :)