Food for Friday: Huevos Rancheros

PEOPLE. I just discovered a new dish that shall make out a good portion of my weekly diet HENCEFORTH. This dish I'm speaking of: huevos rancheros. It SOUNDS as good as it tastes, yo. It's one of those dishes I encountered while browsing pinterest (check out my board for yummy recipes here) and just couldn't wait to make myself. Like, I seriously kept saying LETS EAT HUEVOS RANCHEROS for days until my boyfriend was sick of it (and also a bit curious as to what kind of random shiz I was talking about).

I mean seriously, does your mouth NOT WATER at seeing these pictures? Do you have salivary glands? If so, your mouth must be watering. I can tell. I customized the dish a bit by adding olives because we had a lot of left over olives and because the added saltiness really worked with the tastes, and some mixed salad to add a bit of fraîcheur. Btw did you know that mixed salad is like a LOT healthier than iceberg lettuce? Iceberg lettuce is basically just water. Not a real vegetable yo.

So. If you want to taste the divinity of this dish,


  • a red bell pepper
  • onion
  • quite some garlic
  • white beans
  • olives 
  • tomato sauce 
  • oregano
  • chili pepper
  • paprika powder
  • koriander
  • lime juice

  • corn tortillas
  • sour cream
  • avocado
  • mixed salad


Chop up your bell pepper, onion and garlic, and sweat all of them in a heated pan. When your onion has gone translucent, throw in your beans, tomato sauce and olives. Season to taste with your herbs. Let all of it cook without putting the lid on so the sauce can thicken. When your mixture has thickened to your liking, just break your eggs and throw them in! You'll poach the eggs in the sauce and it will be amazing, trust.

When your eggwhites have gone white allover, your huevos rancheros are done. Serve with some tortillas you've heated and browned a bit in a flat, dry pan, a good dollop of sour cream, mushy avocado and mixed salad. Super tasty, super healthy and super easy to make: an all-round winner. My guy would vouch for it, and he doesn't even like beans or vegetarian dishes! And this dish is super easy to customize to your tastes, or to the time of year. This would be amazing with some fresh salsa (chopped up raw tomatoes, herbs, a chili pepper, onion and lime juice) instead of tomato sauce for the summertime, for example!

Bon appetit :)


  1. That does look delicious! I might make it without the beans, because I don't really like them.

  2. I don't love beans either but I'm telling you, everything just WORKS together here! Try it once! :D

  3. Oh yeah, I can try of course. Because weirdly enough, I do like beans in the meal soup my mother always makes. Hmm. Definitely trying it now! :D

  4. ahh dat lijkt echt superhard op shakshouka: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/chakchouka-shakshouka/ ik maak dat echt vaak, easy en superlekker! Met tortilla's ziet er ook lekker uit! en wie lust nu geen bonen :o

  5. I think beans only work if you pair them with super strong, hearty flavours like in a soup or in mexican dishes! I love them in chili con carne too :)

  6. veel mensen jong! das gelijk spinazie, champignons en spruiten! :D

  7. Oh my, I have never eaten chili con carne! It's sort of on my "to eat" list. Along with more Mexican really, because I love strong flavours.

  8. ok ja spruiten lusten veel mensen niet. Maar de rest is allemaal lekker jong :D
    mijn maaltijd from hell is rode kool met bloedworst (of witte pens, ook afschuwelijk) :D

  9. omg we eat chili like, once a week! it is SO fracking good. And easy to make! It's all about getting the right seasoning. I use a SHIT ton of herbs because all of it works together even though I don't love the herbs on their own. The herbs/seasoning I use: garlic, cumin, koriander, paprika powder, chili powder, oregano, cinnamon (just a bit), worcestershire sauce and lemon juice. For the sauce, I just use kidney beans (or kidney beans and white beans), a red bell pepper, canned tomatoes, onion and minced beef. Great with rice, bread, tacos or anything really. And DON'T forget the sour cream! Because the sour cream is the key.

  10. ik vind alles lekker van alle dingen die zijn opgesomd, ik ben een makkelijke eter. Ik vind niet alles SUPER maar ik lust wel alles eigenlijk. Ik ben gewoon een eter in het algemeen :D

  11. That does look delicious haha, I just ate but I'm hungry again now, thanks! And I will certainly not forget the sour cream, thanks. :D I might make my first chili con carne this week then! Can't wait to taste it tbh.

  12. let me know how much you love it! :D

  13. OH, dat ziet er echt delish uit! I'm gonna try it ouuuut. Nog zo'n geweldige maaltijd - als de calorieënteller niet meetelt ;-) - zijn vegetarische enchilladas in de oven met vééél kaas erover! Mexicaans, Mediterraans, ... Alles wat niet Belgisch is I LOVE :-D

  14. met calorieën ben ik niet echt bezig, maar wel met eten dat me een gezond gevoel geeft en veel voedingsstoffen heeft. Kan zijn dat ik me maar iets wijsmaak, maar ik krijg daar meer energie van en ik voel me daarna niet zo plattekes en overladen. Maar kaas blijft wel de overladenheid waard :D

  15. looks DELISH! my bf is making something kinda like this overnight in the oven, yay for mexican food in winter!

  16. Nommie, looks like a little bit of food heaven

  17. Moet ik ook zeker eens proberen, mmmm


  18. Looks so, so delicious!



  19. Yum! My kind of food! Think I shall have to make this!

  20. oh noes, het is ochtend/middag en ik heb nu al zin om dat te maken :D. Ziet er zalig uit. Ik maak ook veel Mexicaans-achtige toestanden en ben zwaar verslaafd aan sour cream en avocado's, yummmzz. Vraag: die tomatensaus, neem je gewoon zo een "passata" brikske of?

    En heb die bell pepper moeten googlen, haha, wist ik veel dat dat een paprika was ;).



  21. ja die gekke engelsen! :D ik gebruik meestal gewoon tomatensaus van bertolli of carrefour, inclusief kruiden en dergelijke dus!

  22. Haha, that's the thinking spirit ;)

  23. mmmm ik ben ziek, kom je dat even maken tot hier? ;-) dat ziet er lekker uit!!

  24. These look so incredibly tasty. I want some right now!


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