Fluffy Sweater pt. 2 and My Sister's Awesome New Hair

Sorry I've been away for so long you guys, it's been such a busy weekend. I hosted a party featuring 21 guests (amagad I am dead) so that took some time preparing and managing, but my mom and sis came over to be the sweethearts I know 'em to be and help me out. My babysis took the opportunity to go to my hairdresser because he is awesome, and she ended up with a haircut that was even more perfect than I could ever have imagined even though I KNOW how good my hairdresser is. One of those haircuts that look like it should have been on your head from the get go, you know? We just had to go out and have our mom snap some pictures of the glorious fruit of her womb (haha corny AND gross). 

I wore my new fluffy sweater (yes, I bought it in two colors and I would have bought three if I'd found the white version as well) and my kick ass boots and subsequently froze my butt off. Seriously, SO cold these days! Not the kind of weather I'd suggest to prance around in wearing no coat. But I'm tough as nails yo. ANYTHING for that picture. The frostbite really goes with my lipstick anyway. Here are some of my favorite photos.

And because this is a proper fashun blawg, here's a better look at my outfit.

coat: thrifted - sweater, tights: H&M - shorts Lucky brand cutoffs - boots: Sacha - necklace: Forever21

I have an important meeting tomorrow, and after that I promise I'll tell you about the exciting new project I'll be taking on the next few months. Cross your fingers I'll reach the city through the blizzard forecast!

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  1. Superleuke outfit again. Maar genoeg over jou! Geweldige snit van je zus, echt. Ik zei het al op haar blog but it's truly amazing. Jullie lijken echt superhard op elkaar trouwens in deze foto's.
    By the way, ik heb je vernoemd in een blogpost.

  2. Mooie foto's en leuk kapsel en leuke outfit! :D

  3. Jaaa! Het haar van uw zus is zalig! Misschien moet ik mij ook maar zo'n coupke aanmeten :).
    En die trui wil ik ook wel. Lekker warm!

  4. ja we lijken veel op elkaar, we hebben sterke genen :D snel gaan kijken!

  5. It's indeed the most perfect haircut, ever! I wouldn't dare to cut my hair this short :(
    Loving shorts and sweater action. Fluffy sweaters for president!

  6. I bet it would look amazing on you tooooo

  7. I don't, I have a quite round face, I'll look like a moon :D

  8. my sis has a round face too! you'd be a beautiful moon :D

  9. Mooie foto's! <3 de trui en het nieuwe kapsel van je zus.

    Als ik zo nieuwsgierig mag zijn: naar welke kapper ga je? Mijn - super goeie - kapper verhuisd naar het buitenland :( dus zoek ik er een nieuwe!

  10. tenzij je van het waasland bent vrees ik dat het niet de moeite is om langs te komen, echt in mijn dorp in the middle of nowhere :D


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