Stripes, Beanie, Socks

sweater, earrings: H&M - socks: New Look - beanie, boots: Ebay - shorts: Thrifted

Another super teenage outfit. QUARTER LIFE CRISIS MUCH? I don't have anything else to add really. It was one of those days where any sort of emotional trigger was enough to get me teary eyed and depressed. I felt detached, both numb and hyper emotional. No idea why, sometimes it just washes over me like an icy cold wave. I feel better now though. We had waffles with whipped cream for dinner. I'm ready for Monday.


  1. all my high boots are from ebay too, best place ever to find them! good idea w/ the high socks, I never think to do that but always like it. & hmm I've been feeling like that randomly too, but I think I always do when it starts getting dark early. slight seasonal depression i suppose for me but glad those waffles helped you haha. Happy Monday over there!

  2. Waffles for dinner? Of course you're ready for Monday! ;) Love the shorts with the tights, socks, and boots. Teenager schmeenager. Hope you feel even better tomorrow. <3

  3. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  4. Oke zalige outfit! Ik hou zo van hoge sokken en deze outfit is gewoon af!

  5. I have to say this. You're like living my teenage dream! Love the outfit!


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