Orange, Black, Clip-on Earrings

coat: Pull&Bear - skirt: Pimkie - top, boots: Forever21 - tights: c/o sOxi via Vero Moda - boa: Zara - sunglasses, earrings: H&M

Yeah yeah, I hear you cursing "GOD, she's just stopped wearing beanies every day and here she is wearing those boots and that polkadot top two days in a row, SO LAME". SORRY! Just keeping it real yo. If I love something, I just keep eating/wearing/doing/watching/smelling/whatever-ing it. Like peanutbutter. I go through peanutbutter periods like Picasso had his blue period. PEANUTBUTTER!

Look at those beautiful trees behind me. I am not the biggest fan of orange (which is weird because I'm Dutch), but I'll be damned if I wouldn't use my orange tights to compliment the gorgeous foliage this time of year. Orange + black is just so delightfully Halloween appropriate.

See my awesome earrings? They are clip-ons. Not the most comfortable option (they pinch my earlobes), but nice for those boys and girls out there who want to try out earrings but don't have pierced ears. I think I paid 4€ or something for them at H&M, so go get them if you like.

PS: my hair is almost blond in some of these shots! AMAGAD


  1. I love the colours of your outfit and how nicely they fit into the background :)


  2. All cool in the woods! Loving the bling going on.
    Must get to the woods myself and get peanutbutter ASAP! Been craving it for so long, but I always forget while in store.

  3. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuupermooi! Ik zou dit zo ook dragen, maar met een ander kleur want oranje staat verschrikkelijk bij mijn haar, haha :D en peanut butter <33333

  4. I think it's cool that you wear the same stuff two days in a row! I mean why not? LOVE the orange!

    Closet Voyage

  5. wowza! Loving this outfit head to toe. Hair included! Polka dots+black+warm colored tights=perfection! And look at those foliage! Autumn at its best.

  6. I love your writing so much :)

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