New Webshop Alert: Ezisliving

Once in a blue moon, a new initiative just exudes class, aesthetic vision and perfectionism. I always wish I could have pulled that off back when I went online with my blog: thinking out a concept, knead it into shape and watching my visions become a reality. Of course, to have that happen you'd have to have a vision. I'm waaaay too ephemeral to have a vision.

You know who DOES have a vision? Dianah, the mastermind and businesswoman behind Ezisliving. She contacted me to host a giveaway, and when I clicked through to her webshop I was like "OMG YES PLZ". I mean, judge for yourself. Isn't that one of the prettiest new webshops you've ever laid eyes upon?

And I haven't even talked about the gear she sells! Beautifully selected items that combine class, pure and quirky design with a very affordable price. Don't believe me? JUST YOU WAIT.

All of these items sing the same song, embody the same style. A pure aesthetic that combines playfulness with serenity. I wouldn't mind living in an Ezislivingroom. See what I did there? 

I know you want in, so how about a little giveaway? Dianah and me paired up to offer you guys a discount at Ezisliving. Enter 'ILOVEZIS' for 15% off your next purchase. Since most items are already quite affordable, an extra 15% off makes it very hard to resist acquiring a bit of loveliness for your own home or as a gift to someone special.

But that's not all! One lucky reader can win a 30€ coupon to spend on new home accessories. All you have to do is:

1) Like Ezisliving on Facebook if you have fb
2) Follow Ezisliving on Twitter
if you have twitter
3) Like and follow me too plz! I'm super fun on fb and twitter! :D

4) Check out the webshop and tell me in the comments what items tickle your fancy most 

And that's it! The giveaway and the discount code run until the 13th of november. BOMB CHANCE (lolz)!



  1. I totally need to win this one, 'cause I've got a whole emty house to fill!
    Choosing this blanket, 'cause I otherwise could not afford it cozy times verzekerd!

  2. Loving all of those kugel vases. SO cool! Love the grey color. I followed her on facebook and twitter. I already follow you on both :)

  3. Waaaaaaat een supercoole spullen :-D kan ik wel gebruiken om het leven in de leefruimte te brengen ;-) De Swing Vaas vind ik ergggg mooi.
    FB & Twiiter = check (was voor jou al het geval ;-) ) want die webshop wil ik sowieso volgen!


  4. Super leuk! Ik doe een interieur opleiding dus ik vind dit echt super!
    Ik vind de inca plaid blue het leukst.

  5. WOAH, superfijn! Ik wil zowat alle vazen en ook de koffie-meeneem-bekers!
    Dus ik doe keihard mee natuurlijk :-)

  6. Superleuke dingen verkopen ze daar, ik wil de vazen, koffiebekers, kaarshouders! :D
    Ik volg u natuurlijk al, en heb Ezisliving ook geliked en gefollowed!

  7. Echt enorm leuke spullen! De swing vazen, de koffiemeeneembekers en de manhattan yellow plaid vind ik het leukst!

  8. Ik ben zot van de hele Kugel collectie! Ik hou van leuke texturen en dit past helemaal bij mij. Ik ben ook fan van Underscore beige, just because.... wie houdt er nu niet van warme dekentjes?

  9. Nice giveaway! Echt super leuk dingen! Ik heb alles gedaan wat je vroeg ;)
    Ik vind dit exemplaar erg leuk :

  10. Ik ben zo een sucker voor kaarsen dus I would pick:

    ik volgde u al lang! en nu ook Ezisliving! Zo leuke webshop!!