My Basics (Again)

coat: Pull&Bear - vest, boots: Forever21 - jeggings: New Look - longsleeve, beanie, earrings: H&M - bracelets: Etsy

A comfortable casual outfit to wear on a Sunday, featuring some of my favorite pieces these days. Yes, THOSE boots, THAT vest, THAT beanie,THAT coat and THOSE earrings to give it a bit of zzzzing. I wear all of this shiz so much. But I guess that that's the perfect proof of my improved shopping habits: I don't stand in front of my closet anymore feeling bummed about not finding anything to wear, I just grab some of my favorite pieces and presto: OUTFIT!

I'm slowly unwinding after a busy and gratifying workweek without any glamourous events to note. Unless you consider emailing, updating my employer's website, going grocery shopping and surfing (all of the internet) très chique of course in which case my week was a true Hollywood glitz affair.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I do that, too. I didn't go shopping over the past months cause my sister does it. Haha. I just wear items I never thought I had so it's still like shopping only in my own closet. =)