All Black and a Twisty Ponytail

top: Ebay - leggings, earrings, lacey bra: H&M - boots: Texto - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

So, what do you do on a lazy Sunday when you just want to relax (and not wash your hair even though it's getting kinda gross)? Leggings, oversized sweater, ankle boots and a pony tail! It's totally been the solution for down days ever since, like, the eighties or something, and it still works at least as well today. But when you are taking outfit pictures (and have an image to uphold - ha!) you want to jazz things up a bit, right? SO. I decided to try something new with my hair. 

Instead of putting it up in a regular ponytail, I twisted sections of my hair into a soft sort of semi cornrow look before getting a band in there to tie it up. I absolutely love how this evokes girlbands of the late 90s - early 2000s like B*witched. Or, you know, J.Lo. Girlpower! So sassy. Especially with the hoop earrings and cat eye make up: I feel totally ready to go clubbing or wear really, really low rise denim.

Another plus of this hairdo is that it DOESN'T make my hair look all flat and my head ridiculously tiny. I'm really bad at messy buns and messy ponytails because I never seem to succeed at getting the right kind of volume on top of my head, but this totally worked out within two tries! I only had to re-do it because my twists weren't tight enough. 

TWO tips if you want to try this yourself: 

  • Make sure you have one twist on the very top of your head rather than two on either side of your centre parting, because the last option looks really weird. Try it if you don't believe me.

  • Pin your (as tight as possible) twists into place with bobby pins until you have twisted all of your hair, and then gather all of it to tie into a pony tail. I just twisted the hair up to my ears (not on the lower side of my head) because I was too lazy to go all the way around, and I don't think it was necessary anyway.

As for the twists themselves: they are pretty self explanatory. Just twist a strand and grab more hair as you go along to the back of your head while still twisting.


SO. Do you like it or should this hair have been left back in the past along with Britney's pink-bikinibottoms-over-pants?


  1. superleuke blog !
    Je haar is heel mooi gedaan :D

    groetjes x


  2. Whenever I visit your blog I feel like I'm stepping in a time machine. And I love the '90s, so I meant it is a good thing. For some reason you manage to make it look just right, I'm not sure I would be able to do the same. Oh and I'm really diggin' your boots <3

  3. I take it as a compliment! :D ma mijn outfit is niet echt retro 90s-early 2000s dus ik vond het vandaag nog best subtiel! :D

    en duuuude jij bent altijd superpretty dus ik weet zeker dat jij er ook mee zou staan!

  4. Oh wil ik zeker eens proberen, want mijn inspiratie stopt meestal ook na een gewone staart, los, of vlecht, haha. En die fluwelen legging is echt leuk!


  5. I like it! Love the all black ensemble, as well!

  6. Totally loving this! Unfortunately my bangs occupy like 40% of my head :D

  7. protip: if you really want to try this out, you totally can even if you have bangs. Bangs are super easily twisted within those twists so it appears you don't have any bangs at all. In fact, twists are one of the easiest ways to do the "no bangs" look if you have them! So DO give it a try :D

  8. Ik heb al een groot hoofd and 'no bangs' is really not my look :(

  9. Geslaaagd! Moet ik ook eens zelf proberen -> zero volume over here!

  10. ik heb een klein hoofd dus ik snap je frustratie :D

  11. I think it looks really cute. If you had those little pastel colored butterfly clips holding each twist, might be a different story... :)

  12. Ik heb dit ook ooits eens per ongeluk ontdekt toen ik mij voor de spiegel stond af te vragen wat ik kon aanvangen met mijn ietwat vettig haar. Zo snel en gemakkelijk, maar echt een leuk effect. (En "big hoops" gaan er idd perfect bij.)

  13. Love this look!



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