How are you spending your Saturday? Mine was totally exciting, working for school and all. OFF EATING SOUP KBYE NOW

PS: If my minestrone looks yummy to you, THIS is a good recipe. I do mine with fresh, diced tomatoes though, none of that canned shit. You can make it with all kinds of vegetables (depends on what you like), but I use carrots, green beans, red onions, a leak, tomatoes and some beef. Hella easy, just throw your diced veggies together in a pot (first onion, leek + garlic if you like it, then the rest), stir fry for a bit to let the flavors come out, add stock + pasta and let it cook until everything's cooked through. Season to taste (adding some lemon juice really enhances the tomato flavor when your tomatoes aren't 100% awesome) et voila! Great with some garlic bread or ciabatta.

PPS: haha my PS is longer than my post


  1. that soup does look good though... hope you got all your work done :)


    helen @ http://thelovecatsinc.blogspot.com

  2. omnomnom! Looks yummy, the way I like it: more like a pasta/veggie dish than soup.
    BTW, I assume you use "leek" (prei?), because a leak would be rather inconvinient ;).

  3. Yumm! Looks delicious :D I've never made minestrone soup at home before. The recipe looks like it is pretty easy to follow though.

  4. The soup looks so delicious!

    XO Arezu

  5. Yum! looks great, and healthy too! :)