Road to Manderlay

 dress, cardigan: H&M
tights, hat: Pimkie
shoes: River Island
bracelet: Six
ring: Alex Monroe

I started the outfit with these tights. I had been dying to wear them again, preferably with my nude brogues, but somehow I never really got to actually doing it (I know, how hard can it be to put on tights, right?), so yesterday had to be D-day. I just randomly grabbed this dress to go with it because it was another piece I had been wanting to wear for a picture again and because it sort of went with the cute tights. And then I realized it was cold as mf*ing hell, and ended up putting the first cardigan I saw lying around on over the dress et voila! When I looked in the mirror, I saw how very “fall” the colors were together, so I put on my yellow hat to play up that part. I really really like this outfit. Maybe not as much as the red skirt outfit, but still a LOT! I totally feel like if you want to REALLY dress cool, you should always ask yourself before you walk out your door “what can I add to make this outfit (even) more interesting?”. I myself have a tendency to keep things simple, but I have to push myself to make an outfit really feel “finished”. Sometimes a look just needs something more to get the whole idea across. The cherry on top, so to speak. 

Btw I finally ordered clogs! New Look is still having its online sale, and I saw some very cute clogs on sale for like 10 pounds, and I couldn’t resist any longer. They are a nude leather with a nude wooden sole, but I might use shoepolish to darken up the upper part to a dark brown. What do you guys think I should do?
You can see them here and there’s still more in every size, so act fast if you’re interested!

Enjoy your friday!


  1. I love your tights and dress! I've been searching for similar tights but haven't found it until now. Uh, well...

    Anyway, this is a really perfect outfit for fall, pretty!

    The November Girl

  2. This is a superlovely look! I love the military cardi combined with romantic flower print on the dress, and the yellow hat is just yummy <3

  3. Great look!!! super cute as always!

  4. wow! I love your stocking and shoes!! want one of those! xD definitely follow you.. :)

    check out mine will ya!


  5. Wow dear! I adore your tights and your shoes match perfect with your whole outfit!Great blog! :)

  6. Hele leuke outfit! Echt erg tof. Helpt me herrineren dat ik mijn groene vestje ook maar weer eens moet gaan dragen, hehe.

  7. that's a real cute outfit!
    BTW I just saw you're a style icon on chictopia, maybe i was away for too long ahahha congrats, you definitely deserve it!

  8. Great look. The title of your post reminds me of a Blackmore's Night song ;-)

  9. thanks so so much everyone! :D
    chio; yes, it happened a while ago, I was ecstatic!

    laura: dankjewel :D