I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me

I’m sorry, my pictures today are really really bad. But the only moment I had the time to take some shots was at noon, when the lighting is way too stark in our backyard, so I had to take the shade and that didn’t work out that well either, but it was the best I could do! I’m not doing the outfit justice. I really love this look, sort of fun parisian bohemien with the mix of styles. I feel like my freshly arrived clogs (my new look ones!) work soooo well with white lace dresses, and I thought the dress worked well with my leopard coat, so I just threw it all together. And the headband always makes me feel parisian so that one had to come too.

Once again, apologies for the shit pics, I’m so not used to having to use crappy photos anymore! I don’t know how I’ll manage this winter. Last year I wasn’t on top of my game as much as now, sometimes I took pictures when it was still dark outside because I had too, boy oh boy. I might have to find a good indoors spot to shoot. What will you guys do?

PS, for they Belgian readers: Antwerp is having a vintage shoe party!!! Over a 1000 pairs of vintage boots, shoes, belts and purses for us to buy during a girls only party, I’ve already contacted all of my girlfriends to go! I can’t wait.

edit: so I caved and reshot my first picture. This really is silly :D
 dress, coat, headband: H&M
clogs: New Look
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. you look so pretty I like your headband it's soo chic :))

  2. you look amazing.
    i love your dress and coat.
    love it!! and your clogs. love love love!!! =)

  3. ohh the outfit is lovely! I love it!
    ...and I love MGMT -Congratulations ...great tilte! :)

    Kisses and have a nice weekend!

  4. Oooh die klompjes heb ik ook eens gepast, die waren zooooo mooi! ^^
    Leuk gecombineerd! =D

    Ik trek nu binnen foto's... xD Veel heb je niet aan een foto van een jas, grote sjaal, handschoenen en een kousenbroek... (bij mij zou het toch zoiets zijn ^^)

  5. Anastasia: ik vond ze al zo mooi toen ik ze paste, en op de site verkopen ze ze voor 10 pond terwijl ze in de winkel 55 euro kosten! Dat kon ik niet weerstaan :D

    thanks girls!

    diana: yes, I LOVE mgmt!

  6. that shoe sale sounds awesome!!! I will be heading to antwerp next month. Any suggestions on where to shop? secondhand shop?
    and the outfit is cute!

  7. Eigenlijk is het een schilderij (dat mijn ouders ooit uit een brand hebben gered =p). Maar dat maakt het niet beter zeker? xD
    (Het is de enige kamer die er zowat 'duur' uitziet, dus niet denken dat ik in een kasteel woon =D)

    Ik wou dat ik toch tenminste 1 witte muur in mijn huis had! =O Dat is veel handiger voor foto's =D

  8. Onze witte muren staan al vol kasten etcetera op de plaatsen waar er goed licht is :D

    queenVII: you should google "think twice", they have 3 stores based in Antwerp, one in the Klarenstraat (just off the meir), one on the sint jacobsmarkt (also just off the meir, and this one has more expensive vintage stuff as opposed to second hand stuff) and on in the kammenstraat (this one has more dresses), all are in walking distance of each other and well worth checking out!

  9. Aw, glad you reshot - the last pic is the best! x

  10. thanks!! I will definitely check those out!

  11. Oh, I like how the combination of the dress, coat and headband looks!

    ps. Thanks for visiting my blog. (:

  12. thanks!! I will definitely check those out!