Gordon is a Moron

 T-shirt: Pimkie
shorts: H&M
denim shirt: Zara
boots: New Look

I hope you’re all enjoying wonky eyed Jim Morrison on my t-shirt because I am! Don’t you just love Ts that up your street cred and your intellectual charisma? Hahaha, but seriously, I quite like The Doors. I am the lizard king, I can do anything is quite possibly one of the coolest song endings in history. I wanted to wear something more casual and less girly than what I’ve been wearing the last few weeks, so out came the shorts and rugged boots. I still can’t find anything not to like about my denim shirt, so that one came out to play too.
I’m still contemplating buying dark lipstick, but I tried some on today and it made me look very old and harsh. Does anybody have any experiences or tips they’d like to share? Also, am I the only one who had no idea that lipstick testers in drugstores are to be tried on your hand or sth instead of on your lips? I felt like such a moron when a sales assistant told me. I guess you’re never too old to be a doofus.
Our refridgerator is making really weird noises. My boyfriend and I have this running gag about it secretely eating bits of food we put in there and have forgotten about. It is also REALLY hard to open. Even my boyfriend has a hard time pulling the door open, and he’s strong and stuff. So we’re also constantly joking about it staying shut one day and eating ALL our food. Creepy Christine, but as a fridge.
Ok that’s it for today! :D enjoy your day and thanks for all the sweet comments and followers!!

I'll leave you with a song that never fails to make me smile


  1. looking great! Love everything about this outfit! and killer boots!


  2. You can make dark lipstick less harsh by gently pressing it onto your lips
    with your fingertips,
    makes it look more casual,
    and cool as well!

    (nice rhyme if you ask me)

    and maybe your refrigerator is asking you to pull the plug for a few days, my bro has had the same problem!

    (no rhyme in this one, to include surprise-effect)

  3. the fridge is new :D that can't be the issue! and yes, I love smudged lipstick, but it still looked OLD AS HELL :(

    thanks girls!

  4. Or you can lighten it up with a subtle touch of another slightly lighter lipstick that complements the darker colour (for example only in the centre of your lips (not only will this make it a lot more interesting but it will also enhance your lips visually))

    I'm sure you can pull it off somehow :D

    And sadly that's all the advice I could give regarding the fridge.

  5. pffff that sounds like SUCH a hassle. I'm really lazy when it comes to perfect make up :D I wish make up would just fly on my face on its own :(

  6. OH dat shirt! Geweldig, en je blog is ook super
    x funkydoris.blogspot.com

  7. looking great! Love everything about this outfit! and killer boots!