Careful With That Axe, Eugene

I’d been saving this dress for a day cold enough to allow me to do some layering to show you the versatility of this piece. I love statementpieces that are amazing on their own, but at least equally awesome all layered up. I really always want to make an outfit “me”. I felt like this outfit was sort of a slight bit seventies, and a slight bit silent movie character where I would play a sweet shy flower merchant (like most girls in silent movies). Do you see what I’m seeing? I need more cardigans like the one I’m wearing here btw. I have lots of oversized cardigans that are greet for the supercold weather and to layer over shorter dresses and skirts, but they look super dowdy with longer hemlines. Cute little cardigans like this one balance out the proportions way better. And the structured look makes me feel more puttogether than when I’m wearing slouchy cardis.

I put way too much thought in my clothes, right? I do have other things on my mind though. Over the last months, I’ve been listening to the Congratulations album bij MGMT and two days ago, I finally realized that it is one of my ALLTIME favorite albums. It is just so good, way better than the last because it doesn’t thrive on hits as much. I love every single song on Congratulations. Sort of eery and trippy and Pink Floyd inspired, I love it! Perfect little soundscapes with sudden well controled bursts of melodic gorgeousness.

This song is so pretty. Check their album out!

And I saw a Serious Man, and I loved it to bits. I’m not the biggest Coen Brothers fan out there, but a Serious Man was SO beautifully constructed, very deep and intelligent and funny as hell to boot. Definitely a film I’ll be rewatching!

So what things are keeping you thinking, other than fashion?

 dress: zara
cardigan, socks, headband: H&M
shoes: New Look
belt: boyfriend's


  1. This is so pretty! You always style your dresses perfectly! :)

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite looks of yours!

  3. beautiful dress!!!

  4. Ik ga bij de All Saints werken, in de Kammenstraat, jeej :D
    En die jurk staat je prachtig, had ik wat groter geweest had ik hem waarschijnlijk ook wel gekocht :P

  5. vicky: waaaauw super, das echt ZO'N mooie winkel! En zo groot ben ik ook niet, ik vind juist dat ik er langer mee lijk :D

    everyone: thanks so much! :D

  6. Wauw die kleuren staan super mooi bij elkaar =D
    Je bent precies de prinses van de herfst (je haarband=kroontje) ^^

    MGMT is awesome! =D


  7. So pretty! The colors in the dress match the fall colors in the background perfectly :)

  8. I absolutely love the socks/tights combo. The layering is really simplistic in design but gives your outfit a neat, complex look. love love love!:]

  9. This is so pretty! You always style your dresses perfectly! :)