Pretty in Paisley

I’m a little hungover from yesterday’s party. I was probably only surpassed in wine drinking by my boyfriend’s mom or mother in law, as she insists I call her, but I refuse to do so until I get that ring on my finger! The wedding was nice. The bride and groom really looked beautiful, the venue was grand and there were some awesome people, but since everything looked so very expensive, I was actually quite disappointed by the service (the maitre was really really rude most of the time) and the food (dried out meat, a chocolate muffin that seemed to be made out of ingredients you can buy boxed to cook muffins in 1 minute). Oh well, at least I got to dance to Pokerface and talk with some interesting people. And look hawt, as I absolutely loved my dress and got quite a bit of compliments! Best thing: I was probably wearing the cheapest outfit in the room. Score for the have-nots!

Anyway, since I’m a little hungover, I suddenly felt like dressing like a grandma.

I love this secondhand paisley skirt I scored the other day, I love how fallicious the colors are. I pared it with a little leopard cardi since I’m addicted to leopard and since I’m also addicted to printmixing, and I played up the grandma factor with the kaki coat and simple flat lace ups. Quite like how this turned up actually, although I’d like to figure out a way to make grandma-ish styles feel a bit more youthful without shortening hemlines or straying too far from the grandma feel.

I’m going to get my sunday breakfast now! Enjoy your sunday!
 coat, tights, necklace: pimkie
cardigan worn as top, shoes: H&M
skirt: think twice vintage
belt: boyfriend's
nailpolish: Catrice's sold out forever

PS: yesterday while getting ready for the party, my boyfriend was upstairs and I was in the living room and I saw something dark blue disappearing around the corner in our backyard, but there was no one there. Halloween-creepy, right?

White Wedding

So this is the infamous weddingoutfit! I’m really glad with how it turned out. It used to look like this but I knew I would be sweating my ass off with the long sleeves and the slip I would have to add because this dress is sheer as hell, so I removed the sleeves and added a bit of fabric around the remaining straps to pull the fabric together, because I like the shape it creates and how it frames my barely there cleavage. And I added an old maxi dress I had lying around for some coverage and extra length because I hate it when you can see your shoes when you’re wearing a maxi dress, especially when you’re wearing heels. I went for a purple dress because I wanted to add some interest and color and because I’m not that big a fan of matchy matchy and I love purple and green together.
For hair and make up I’m just going to do a cat eye eyliner with a natural lipshade, and my regular messy bob hair. I’ve done my nails in a very dark red nailpolish, and I’m keeping my jewelry to a minimum. The dress is enough of a look on its own, no?
Hope you like my look!

 leopard dress, purple maxi: H&M, leopard dress altered by me
shoes: etam (will be switched for purple leopard peeptoes I couldn't find)

Little Red Ridinghood

If my farmgirl, witch or sexy musketeer look doesn’t inspire you for a fashionable take on halloween, there’s still today’s idea: little red riding hood! Ok so I don’t really have a hood, but that’s artistic freedom dude! I love how cutesy this outfit is, while the pieces are still classy enough to keep it out of TOO girly or TOO frilly territory. I’ve dreamt of a gorgeous red wintercoat since I was 16 or something, back then I ordered one but when it arrived, it was way too big and just not as pretty as in the pictures, so I sent it back with great disappointment. This one totally makes up for that day though, I love this one even better than I initially liked the other red one!

I’m going to try out my look for the wedding today, since the wedding is, well, tomorrow. Kinda late, but I’m pretty sure it will look good. I just hope I feel even better tomorrow, since this flu thing has been dragging on. It was getting better, but it still lingers in my throat and it drains all my energy. I’m such a nag, aren’t I?
dress, tights: Pimkie
coat: H&M
shoes: Kimchi & Blue

PS: I had a dream about being taken over by alien parasites which made me cut my hair while I was asleep and I was really pissed since I'm loving my current hairlength. Weird much?

You wear those flowers in your hair

My flower crown! I love it! And my 1 euro levis shorts! And my DIY thigh highs!

gotta go to class now, will update y’all later honeys

edit: so finally I'm back for a bit of an update for you guys! I owe you some more info on my gear. My flower crown - which I'm completely in love with btw - was one of my purchases from littlehoneypies and I seriously recommend her services to all you guys - in a non sleazy way of course. Recommending a girl's services always sounds gross, right? So unfair. Anyway, I bought 3 headbands and this is probably my very fave. I don't need to explain why, right? It's just so PWETTY and WHITE and I love how the white contrasts with my dark hair and it makes me feel all girly and romantic and you guys know how much I love to feel all girly and romantic. Probably because I am a cold hearted b*tch. Contrasts really are my thing.
I'm kidding of course, I'm not a bitch at all, but I'm not one of those ubersweet girls either. I always feel like those girls are kind of phony, you know? Being crabby from time to time makes being nice more sincere.

Am I making any sense?

Any way, for girls who want thigh high socks like mine: just buy a pair of thick tights or leggings, and cut the legs off as high as possible so you basically have really long socks or, if you started out with leggins, really long legwarmers. If you want socks: just close up the leggings where the foothole is and shazaaaam you got thigh high socks!

I'm basically a couturier right

Anyway, I'm watching Cougar Town and typing these few sentences has been taking me FOREVER because I type three letters and then I look at my TV again and when I look back at my computer screen I don't know what I was trying to type with those three letters so yeah, I'm going to leave it at that. Enjoy your evening!

sweater: pimkie
shorts: levis
shoes: sacha
headband: etsy (little honey pies)
DIY socks: pimkie leggings

Devil's plaything in my hands

Hi guys! Londondude told me he wanted me to do a full on goth look when I showed you guys my velvet maxi skirt, so here you go! I thought it would be fun to do a theme shoot for halloween, going really goth in outfit, make up and poses and I had lots of fun! A bit of goth is really something awesome to try out, since it's a lot of look and makes you feel fierce, while still being quite classy and elegant, unless of course, your idea of goth is putting on a Hot Topic corset with a hot pink tutu skirt and fishnets, but by all means, go ahead if that floats your boat!

H&M has a whole lot of gorgeous black lace garments in its collection right now, and since I didn't have a black lace top yet, I had to buy this one. I love the textures of the velvet and lace next to each other!

What will you be dressing up as? Any tips on scary movies you loved? I loooove horrormovies, but I'm not a big fan of all the torture porn and gore that's been coming out lately. I love "good" horror (like anything Dario Argento), some j-horror (ringu, petshop of horrors) and tongue in cheek horror (Dead End, Drag me to Hell, the Evil Dead series, Dead/alive etc etc). So hit me up!

PS I'm a witch btw. NOT a vampîre. Vampires are lame.

Oh, and this is my new dark lipstick! It's a love affair.

top, boots: H&M
skirt: New Look
lipstick: Catrice (fave make up brand EVER)

Goosebumps baby when you call my name

This (minus the heels, I substituted those for brogues but I just love how heels look with over the knee socks) is what I wore to go shopping with my friend last week, that time when we went to thrifting for 1 euro per piece! Perfect shopping outfit if you ask me: cute, warm, layered and easy to take off/put on. Excuse my sexy pose but I just felt like it so I went with the flow! I’m kooky like that.

I have absolutely nothing to tell you guys today! :D except for the fact that I’ve already found a couple of famous people who want to participate in my survey for my uni’s bachelorpaper, so all is going swell. Things are going smoother than I expected, I’m just messaging these people via Facebook and they reply with their private email adress, awesome right? :D And very nice of them to take the time to help me! I’m probably pretty lucky that most Flamish famous people even have a personal facebook account under their own names, I bet it would be pretty hard to find Angelina Jolie’s personal facebook. Ha!

 dress, blazer, scarf, boots: Pimkie
socks: New Look

Pimkie's lack of socks is crampin my style

Harvest Moon

I guess I was inspired by the EIU article on red+blue subconsciously, but I actually started out with these tights! I really wanted to wear my pretty houndstooth textured yellow autumny tights, so I searched for some color (black + colored tights = easy way out) and a longer hemline (shorter hemlines with bright legs always feel like a LOT of look to me) so I stumbled on this pretty skirt, which has huge pockets for my handkerchiefs btw, SO handy when you are ill, and just grabbed a red shirt to go with the whole primary colors vibe which always makes me happy. And the skirt and shirt together looked very farm to me, so the cloggy shoes were an obvious choice. I really love farm inspired ensembles, I can't deny my backgrounds yo.
My illness is getting better btw, like I said, stuff like this always hits me hard and leaves me fast. I’m cool with that. And glad boys don’t treat me the same way :D
Oh, and I updated the look of my blog a bit! I just played around with the default blogspot lay outs because I am a n00b, but I really love the way it looks now. Simple but more compact or something like that, you know? I wish I could design my own websites though. I hope there is a class that teaches us that stuff in my Masteryear at uni, but I doubt it. Otherwise I’ll just take eveningclasses or something, it’s really one of those things you need to be able to know the basics of, this day and age.

I try to change my banner with every season, so this is the fall banner :D Anyway, tell me what you think!

shirt: pimkie
skirt: zara
tights: H&M
shoes: New Look
belt: boyfriend's

Walk like an Egyptian

I was totally in love with this look I spotted on lookbook a while ago, it made me realize how well camel and black can work together, especially with those awesome huge polkadots thrown in the mix!

I made it a bit more “me” with my favorite scarf: the faux fur collar, and my crochet tights. Both are basics I always fall back on when the weather gets cooler. I’m not absolutely in love with the way it looks in these pics, but I’ll just chalk that up to the bad weather and the fact that I’m really ill. Those two factors also made me and my guy decide not to go wedding outfit shopping yesterday, so we postponed that shiz to next wednesday. I know I’m really not sounding interesting at all, but that’s just what being sick does to me: having to breathe with my mouth open, especially at night while sleeping, it only worsens my throatache and it screws up my sleep. I’m already a light sleeper, and being ill screws this up even more. I’m going to quit nagging and leave you guys now! Hope your weekend is better than mine. Ok I guess I wasn’t ready to quit nagging :D

 dress, collar: H&M
tights, coat: Pimkie
shoes: Texto

Rhinestone Cowboy

 I love my new Catrice nailpolish, Lost in mud. Sort of a very dark kaki grey, so sophisticated!

Just like that, I started sneezing yesterday. I knew what was up, my throat started aching within minutes, and now I have a really sore throat and a running nose. Yep, a cold always strikes me hard and leaves me fast. I hope this one will uphold that tradition.

I’m going out with my boyfriend in a bit to shop for an outfit for him because we have that wedding I told you guys about coming up next weekend. I settled on that green leopard maxi dress from H&M we’ve been seeing everywhere to wear to the wedding, and I’m altering it a bit (taking off the sleeves, adjusting the straps) and I think I’ll look hot. I got some response from my male friends on the dress, and guess what: guys don’t like leopard? I always thought leopard was one of those typically sexy things. Thank god my own boyfriend doesn’t mind it, he’s the only guy I really care about.

About today’s look: I’d seen a maxi dress combined with clogs in a magazine the other day, so I couldn’t wait to try this one out myself! I love the tights peeping out, I love the clogs, I love the comfy, casual, elegant dress and my new fave cardigan (you probably noticed already). This entire outfit is a hit for me!

Also, the flower crowns I orderd from etsy arrived yesterday night! I still have to take pictures and I’ll show you guys later. Bye!

 dress: zara
cardi: h&m
tights: pimkie
belt: boyfriend's
clogs: new look
watch: asos