A style and life update

Hi babes! It's been a while, right? Maybe just for clarification, for anyone who still reads here: don't expect me to regularly post updates (in case you did). I'm in this very mixed feelings, love-hate relationship with the whole social media content creation business right now, and that might not change anywhere in the future. Not that I regret my time as an outfit blogger - especially with twee style having its little renaissance over on TikTok. I just don't feel the need to be so visible and present online all the time. But popping in whenever the mood strikes - now that's something I can get behind.

What have I been up to? Actually I feel like so much has been going on in my life over the past year or so. Covid is still a thing, obviously. But while much of the world is still finding its way back to any sort of "normal", life goes on. I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome) and insulin resistance (basically a precursor to type 2 diabetes if left untreated). With medication (and subsequent weight loss), changes in my diet and regular exercise, that issue is under control fortunately.

Apart from that, I've changed jobs! I left PR/communications and went back to my first love - research. I'm lucky enough to be able to apply much of what I learned in my previous job in my current function, valorising our research. Additionally, I'm FINALLY learning to drive, which I am really excited about. With all of my anxiety around driving I never would have expected I'd actually ENJOY it?? But yeah, it's working out better than I thought it would.

And what about the thing that actually brought you guys here, you ask? My outfits, my makeup looks? Working from home basically full time for the past two years hasn't robbed me of my love of dressing up. I mean yeah, I do have to admit that athleisure has become a larger part of my wardrobe than it was before 2020. But more interestingly, I've been having a lot of fun rediscovering many of the pieces that were cool back when I was in my early teens now that Gen Z is bringing Y2K back. No, not low-waisted jeans (please god no), but yes platform shoes, loud prints, patchwork - you name it. 


Some of my recent looks

The best part? Much of that whole trend can easily be thrifted, upcycled or DIY'd. My sewing machine has been working extra hours on some contrast stitch patchwork tops (both of the patchwork tops in the collage above are made by me!), and my Vinted recommendations have been lit lately. But shoes? Unfortunately those are a bit harder to thrift or DIY, if you have kinda-problematic-feet like I do. I've been obsessing over chunky platform boots because they REALLY make any outfit look badass. And they're super comfortable too. Jonak has some really nice platform ankle boots (enkellaarsjes) - 14 year old Annebeth would have died to own these babies.


I've also been having loads of fun with some brighter makeup looks. Also featured in the collage below: this Penny Lane coat I thrifted. I'm obsessed with it, obviously.

Anyway, that's enough for now. For more regular updates my IG stories are where you should take a look. Bye for now!


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