Inspiration: swimming + picnic and shopping locally

Hi guys! Just a few weeks ago, I met up with my besties to battle the heatwave by going for a swim at the Boekenberg swimming pond. The pond is set in a park so it was the perfect opportunity to have a picnic, catch some sun, read a book and joke around. 100% worth sitting on a bus + train for almost 2 hours.

Anyway, the afternoon was so lovely I was inspired to put together a little collage for a perfect afternoon of swimming and chilling! I used Storesquare for my window shopping. I recently discovered the platform after receiving a press mailing, and I liked the concept so much I figured I might as well share the info with you guys. Basically, Storesquare features products sold at stores that are close to your home.

Most local stores in Belgium still do not have a webshop, which makes it harder to know what their collection is like, whether they have any promotions going  and whether they have a specific item you're looking for. Storesquare makes it so much more convenient to shop locally and support those smaller stores even if you have the busy type of lifestyle that precludes you from spending much time getting to know new stores.

Currently Storesquare is still expanding their network of partners, but they already host the offer of 912 local stores, so I'm hoping they'll add more shops in my area. Another thing I really like about Storesquare is that you can look for a certain brand you're a fan of and see what local stores sell it, so you don't have to limit yourself to ordering online. I'm a big fan of Wonders shoes, for example, and Storesquare lists a bunch of local shops that currently have the Wonders SS18 collection on sale. Oh and they also have a separate section on local specialty food! Anyway tl;dr: it really is a neat new platform to keep track of if you're into supporting local merchants!

So yeah, this post was created in collaboration with Storesquare but I think they have a super cool thing going. Just a heads up - cheers!

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