Beauty hack: do your lips like Anastasia Steele

Beauty hack: Q-tip lipliner smudge

OK guys so today's post is about a stupid easy beauty hack that you might totally roll your eyes at, and I won't be mad at you if you do. BUT I've just discovered this thing and it's easy and makes a small but totally awesome change to your look, so I hope you'll like it as much as I do.

Without further ado: meet the Q-tip lip liner smudge hack that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. OK not really but you might like it.

What you need: a Q-tip and a statement lip colour (bright or dark).

Beauty hack: Q-tip lipliner smudge

Optional: the raddest effing glue on nails in the universe, which I got at Primark.

SO. Let me set the scene for you: I was at the cinema, watching 50 Shades Darker with my girlfriends, and between all the Ben Wa balls and Jamie Dornan's bunz, something else caught my attention: Anastasia Steele's perfect makeup game. More specifically, her slightly smudged statement lips. 

Anastasia Steele lipstick 50 shades darker

After a couple of seasons of the super neatly lined instagram lip (you know, the kind that doesn't actually exist in real life, only in post-photoshop pictures), it felt so refreshing to see the work done by the makeup artists working on 50 Shades. Anastasia's look is very European, from the Jane Birkin hair to her imperfect (according to Hollywood standards) facial features to those kissable, effortlessly glamorous lips. I've fallen head over heels for Ana's makeup, and since we have the same hair and all (and since I love everything about her style basically), I tried my hand at that statement-lip-with-soft-edges look. 

Simple, two step tutorial:
1 - apply your statement lip colour, no need to be neat about it (this works with regular lipstick, lip gloss or even liquid lipstick if you work quickly)
2 - grab a Q-tip and carefully smudge the edges of your lips

Done! This is what the before and after looks like - the difference is subtle, but keep in mind that normally I would clean up the edges of the above picture with lip liner or a pencil to get a neater look. Using a Q-tip along the edges is SO much easier, and I actually prefer how much softer and less "done" it looks. 

Beauty hack: Q-tip lipliner smudge
top: before - bottom: after

Beauty hack: Q-tip lipliner smudge
left: before - right: after

I feel like the end result makes my lips look fuller, and "undone" without being messy. I'm a huge fan! Also works super nicely with my Lime Crime lippies.

Anyway, I hope I didn't let you down with this super easy beauty hack, but I think it's worth a try. Enjoy taking a break from lip liners and neat lines! Ain't nobody got time for that anyway.

Beauty hack: Q-tip lipliner smudge

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