Paris, Comic Con & Dr. Strange

Well hello! I don't know if you have any weekend plans, but you might be in the mood to go see a movie. If you are, and if you're a fan of scifi/superhero/fantasy stuff like I am, I suggest you go see Doctor Strange! As you may have picked up from my social media, I was invited to the Doctor Strange avant première at Comic Con Paris. Since my boyfriend had been looking forward to the movie for at least half a year before the release date, and since I had never been to Paris (seriously!), this sounded like a pretty sweet opportunity. Only caveat: getting up early on Sunday to get to Antwerp on time, gotta catch the Thalys to Paris!

Rise and shine, bright and early! No makeup yet, but at least my holo nails were already prepared for the scifi theme. I put on some comfy shoes, my Star Wars shirt and my holo fanny pack, and I was good to go. I mean, I obviously also put on pants, but they weren't as essential to my look as the rest of those items. 

Got my face on, and off we were to Paris. On the train, we got a Doctor Strange comic with a bit of his origin story, which was much needed for me because I'm one of those people who had never heard of Doctor Strange before this movie went into production. I know all of the "famous" superheroes, but Steve Strange is a dude who has stayed under the radar, only known to true comicbook fans like my boo. 

I'm not going to spoil anything for you re: the plot, but I think Doctor Strange is a really cool, unique type of superhero because he's basically a cocky hard science guy who is broken down to the point where he opens his mind to the possibility that there's more to life than the reality he can see through his microscope. That clash between science and, well, magic? Or whatever you can call it? It's really fun and "grounds" the story in a reality you can relate to.

Anyway, before we knew it we arrived in the city of love.

I had mentioned that this was my first time in Paris, and our party (including Nathalie and Nigel from Oona, Ergin of Achterklap, Zakaria of Zaka, and Gonzalo of Live de Gonzalo) was nice enough to take me up to Montmartre so I could see the Eiffel tower in the distance. Lots of tourists everywhere, and I was shocked to see that the public lavatories at the top of the hill were like €6 for women (I mean, wtf y'all), but I'll never forget standing there and seeing that tiiiiiiny little Eiffel tower back in the distance. I'm not one of those people who romanticize Paris, but it's pleasantly surreal to stand there and see this iconic building in the distance and be like "well, there it is!". Haha.

Look of the day: long coat, star wars tee, skinnies, my Nike Roshes and of course my handy fanny pack.

After enjoying the Paris view, we made our way down again to grab a cab to take us to Comic Con.

Comic Con must have been a HUGE success because the hall was super crowded. I learned an important thing about myself here: I'm not geeky enough to adequately enjoy something like Comic Con. We did marvel (HA! pun intended) at people in costumes everywhere, both the crappy costumes and the really good ones. My favourite was a dude who was dressed up as a a ten foot high robot. Didn't manage to get a good pic though, imagine him looking something like this but on a slightly smaller scale.

Before we knew it, it was time to put on our 3D glasses and plunge into the multiverse! The hall was PACKED with probably close to a thousand people extremely excited to watch the new Marvel movie. 

Don't mind my face plz, serious Dormammu vibes right thurr. Again, I don't want to spoil anything for you guys, but all of us absolutely loved the movie, and I'm not just saying so because I was invited to go see it! I mean, everyone I know who has gone to see it loves it as much as I do. Cumberbatch is PERFECT in his role (and I'm not a Sherlock fan, so you know I'm not biased), the visuals are obviously breathtaking and well worth a 3D ticket, and I loved the kind of anti-climactic, atypical ending. 

But my favourite part was probably Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. I know there was a lot of debate on the role being whitewashed, but there was plenty of diversity in the cast and Swinton absolutely rocked the role. Also, casting her was pretty revolutionary to me: how often do you see a middle aged, weird looking woman kicking ass as a main character in a blockbuster? Without her being cast as an antagonist and without being someone's mom/lover, absent of any type of sexual/romantic tension? You only realize how rare that is when you stop to think about it, and Tilda gave so much depth and charisma to the scenes she was in. Loved it.

So! I've been telling all my superhero loving friends to go see Doctor Strange and none of them have been disappointed yet. Frankly, I liked Doctor Strange better than the Eiffel tower, and if that isn't a serious stamp of approval I don't know what is. Go check it out! My favourite Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy. Baby Groot agrees.

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