Outfit: Nike Roshe One sandals and jungle print dress

jungle print dress, nike roshe one sandals, panama hat

jungle print dress, holographic bum bag
& other stories seashell necklace
jungle print dress, nike roshe one sandals, panama hat
panama hat, seashell necklace, jungle print dress
jungle print dress, nike roshe one sandals, holographic bum bag
Nike Roshe One sandals
 dress: Mango - sandals: Nike Roshe One - holographic bum bag: ASOS - panama hat: H&M - necklace: & Other Stories - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

Every year, I feel like my feet get worse. When I worked in retail, I could survive an entire day on cheap, super thin soled, super flat sandals, but when I try the same thing today I can't walk ten feet without feeling my heels take the beating, knowing that if I don't change shoes soon my plantar fasciitis will play up. In addition, my feet are quite blister prone: a lovely double whammy of problem feet. I have to be super mindful of the shoes I wear, making sure they have arch support, no chafing straps, and bouncy soles that cushion my heels while I walk. 

Obviously, it's not easy to find summer shoes that fit all of the requirements while still being affordable and kind of cute, but I have three holy grails: Birkenstocks, Tevas and the ultimate comfy brand: Nike. To me, the most comfortable Nikes are the Roshes, so I couldn't believe my luck when Nike put that perfect squishy sole on a pair of sandals! The elastic straps are super comfortable too, and I even like the way they look. Sort of Roman sandal inspired, but in a modern athleisure type of way. I bet all of those cool people I saw rocking Tevas in Japan would be alllll over  these babies. Like I always do with Nike, did size up with these Nike Roshe One sandals.

I wore them a lot in France (we shot these pics just outside our appartment) and they kept my feet in tip top shape even after a whole day of walking, so I can't recommend them enough if you have the same issues as I do. And they look pretty cute with my outfit, don't they? Another ergonomic decision I made was to get this holographic bum bag. I have this tendency to put all the crap in my purse and then I drag around so much weight that my back starts to hurt after a day of walking, and a backpack just gets me sweaty AF in the summertime, so this cute little bum bag was the perfect solution.

Never pick style over comfort if you can do both, people!

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