Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review

If you're a scifi lover and a makeup fiend like I am, you have probably been counting the days until the MAC x Star Trek collection hits the shelves. Well my friend, I'm here to tell you that that glorious day has finally arrived. It's safe to say that everything looks amazing at first sight. But does the MAC x Star Trek collection live up to its hype (and 50 year legacy)? Let's find out! I received three products: the Trip the Light Fantastic powder in the shade Luna Luster, a liquid eyeliner in the silver Nocturnal rendition, and the Kling it On lipstick.

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review: Luna Luster

Look at those soft, warm colours and that perfectly organic swirly pattern! This totally looks like a planet, right?? The Trip the Light Fantastic powder is a gem, almost too pretty to use. I received the palest shade and this one is mostly a highlighter while the other two are highlighter/blushes. While the colour pattern on each of the shades is consistent, the specific distribution of the swirls differs from compact to compact so the one you'll get will be perfectly uique!

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review; Nocturnal

The liquid liner comes in a sleek tube adorned with the Star Trek logo, and it has a rather stiff rubber applicator.

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review: Kling It On

BTW I just died. Yep. Encapsulate the galaxy in a lipstick tube, and you get Kling it On. Stunning!!

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review: luna luster, kling it on and nocturnal

Swatched, it immediately becomes apparent that these are great products. Luna Luster is a soft, peach coloured powder with finely milled, cool toned sparkle. There's definitely glitter there, something I don't always appreciate in a highlighter, but it absolutely fits the scifi theme. Kling it On is a showstopper: a sheer black/grey lipstick with a fiery purple/pink splash of glitter at its heart. Finally, Nocturnal is a bright silver liquid liner that is perfectly opaque in about two thin coats, and when the product dries down, it does not budge. Seriously, you can rub all you want and it will stay in place. When you remove it, it sort of peels of as if you've used foil instead of liquid liner. Cool! I'm not that big a fan of the eyeliner wand though, too hard/stiff. 

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review; Luna Luster

Luna Luster gives you a gorgeous cool toned glow that is slightly sparkly, but not in a tacky or pore-emphasizing way. Very flattering, and easily played up or down by applying with a lighter or heavier hand. It blends beautifully, no fear for it to get patchy or cakey.

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review

I messily applied Nocturnal on my lashes and my lower lashline for a sort of frosty, futuristic look, and you definitely see what I meant with that foiled finish. Super bright and reflective, almost like a mirror. The consistency is super thin though, and the eyeliner applicator doesn't seem to pick up a lot of product so applying is a bit of a hassle. I'd suggest using an eyeliner brush with this for a nicer finish.

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review; Kling It On

UGH YES KLING IT ON. I'm wearing it applied quite heavily here to show what it looks like almost opaque, but you can easily wear it more sheer which tones down the look. I don't think I've ever seen a black/grey/dark purple lipstick that is so very wearable, that sheer finish really makes it a great option if you want to try something else but don't want to stand out too much. The sheer greyish finish and the purply sparkle almost give this a metallic look, super appropriate for the Star Trek scifi theme.

And this is the look I created with the three products. Nothing crazy or super technical, just an easy take on a more futuristic vibe to show how wearable these products really are. I call this look Cosmic Amazon.

Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review
Beauty: MAC x Star Trek collection review

In sum, I think this is a gorgeous collection that is worth checking out if you're a geek or if you love those unique, metallic/holographic finishes. The glittery lipglosses also look totally amazing!

What do you think? Will you be checking out the collection? It will be available online and in stores from the 10th of September!

Lipstick: €21.50
Superslick Liquid Eyeliner: €22
Trip the Light Fantastic powder: €34

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