Beauty: Orly Turn it Up and Midnight Show review

Hi guys, a quick beauty post today. I received two Orly nail polishes, both part of the In the Mix fall collection. And since I've become a fan of this less well-known brand recently (I'm a sucker for that patented bottle cap in hand-gripped rubber that makes opening old bottles so much easier), I figured I'd post a review for you guys. I put the two together for a simple yet fun manicure: two coats of Midnight Show on all fingers except my ringfinger, and three layers of Turn it Up on the remaining finger as a fun accent. I finished with the topcoat from the Orly Epix collection I reviewed here, which gave the polishes a lovely shiny gel-like finish.

Orly Midnight Show review and swatches

Midnight Show is an inky navy blue that goes perfectly opaque in two layers. I felt like the polish dried very fast, but it also dried slightly dull - it really needed a top coat to truly shine. I can appreciate a matte polish, but not something dull between glossy and matte, so this polish definitely needs a top coat. I absolutely love the rich, saturated hue, and navy blue is a colour that works so well during fall and winter. Just imagine this with a glitter top coat! But I was let down by the longevity of the polish. It started peeling (not chipping!) off on the second day of wearing it, and no matter which topcoat I tried, I kept having the same issue. Not a winner, sadly.

Orly Turn it Up review and swatches

Turn it Up, however, is a stunner. A red-pink-orange-yellow-blue-green-mint-white confetti party in a bottle that covers your entire nail in two to three coats. You could layer it over a base coat, but I think the colours of the confetti work very well with the natural colour of the nails.

Orly Turn it Up review and swatches

Aaah, a polish like that deserves a close up. What a beautiful polish! This one lasted ages on me, as most glitter/confetti topcoats are wont to do. If you're looking for something special or if you're into easy manicures that still pack a punch, Turn it Up will definitely, well, turn it up.

The In the Mix collection is available on the Oro nails webshop, retailing at €6.30 (you have to register before you can add anything to your shopping basket or see prices - I know, it's a weird webshop). A little birdie also told me that Orly will soon be available at Di, so check out your local branch!

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