Opposites and harmony: WE Fashion's HE and SHE perfume

I don't now about you, but I'm really sensitive to smells. Nothing takes me back to a beautiful memory, gives me an instand headache or makes my heart beat faster than the right scent. I like being very involved when my boyfriend is in the market for a new perfume, for example. Currently, he's using Dior Homme Intense which smells amaaaaazing - I'm a sucker for that sweet spot where nuances of wood, floral and gourmand scents meet. I don't like sporty fragrances on men, give me those incense type sweet and cozy scents all day errrday. 

On myself, my preferences are similar. I like white florals and gourmand type fragrances, which has brought me to love perfumes like Lolita Lempicka's Lolita Lempicka, Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb, Prada's Candy and YSL's Black Opium (you can search all of those on Fragrantica btw, I love that website for being so good at predicting which perfumes I'll like).

Anyhoo, to cut the introduction short: I was contacted to review WE Fashion's first line of fragrances: one for women, and one for men, retailing at €24.99 for 50ml. The fragrances are marketed as "opposites attract": two very different yet complementary scents that you can wear on their own or even mixed together. I thought that was a really cute, novel concept to symbolize the dynamics of couples, and I was curious to see (smell) how that would work out in reality.


I like the packaging: minimalist and elegant. Although I do enjoy a good opulent perfume bottle to show off on your make up table!


The SHE fragrance is a very classic, accessible scent: top notes of ylang ylang and jasmine, a heart of citrus and spearmint, and a base of rose petals. I sort of wish the heart notes (citrus and spearmint) would have been more obvious to balance out all those flower notes and "ground" the frangrace, because on me the florals are absolutely dominant. At first the ylang ylang and jasmine, and then it fades into the rose base. Although rose perfumes tend to give me a headache for god knows what reason, this one doesn't do that. The florals are delicate rather than cloying, and I think this is a fairly inoffensive and youthful fragrance. Still I would have preferred the scent to be a bit more nuanced.


The balance is exactly what I like so much about the HE fragrance: top notes of bergamot, citrus, grapefruit and pink pepper; a heart of musk and violet; and base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. I think those scents work very well together, making it a rather rich and interesting scent that I'm sure will be enjoyed by many a customer. Only thing I'd change is to up the ante on the patchouli and the violet note, to make the scent more intense. As it is, its projection stays rather close to the skin, but many people prefer it if you have to get close to them to smell their perfume so your mileage may vary.

One thing I definitely enjoy about these two as a duo, is that you see how they were designed to have differences and similarities. Both have citrusy aromas and floral components, but the sandalwood defines the male scent, while rose defines the female scent. A bit heteronormative and stereotypical, but in a sweet, romantic way. And something special really happens if you layer the two scents. For some reason, HE really brings out SHE's spearmint, and you end up with an androgynous fragrance that is robust, fresh and sweet. Definitely a scent that would work for women as well as men (although it does lean more masculine). Nice work there, WE Fashion!

About the whole "opposites attract" thing: I actually hate that trope! I mean, not hate-hate, but there's a pretty strong dislike there. I feel like women and men are not opposites: on average, we all have very similar goals and hopes and dreams, and it is much more fruitful to approach your relationship as a partnership than as something where you have to meet in the middle. Of course, you won't agree on everything, but in the end you both have the same goal: to be happy together. I think my dude and me may have our differences, but in most ways we are very similar, which is why we are a good match. I could never date someone very different from me, I'm way too self-centered for that! :-D

Also, approaching your potential partner as the puzzle piece that will complete you is problematic in so many ways. To quote Gloria Steinem, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. You shouldn't "need" your partner, your life should be enriched by having them there.

My life is definitely enriched by my guy, in a way I can barely express in words. Just last week, we were enjoying a night out eating dinner on a boat (yes, it was awesome and I will post about it soon). Both of us were tired from work, and most of the evening was spent silently watching the pretty Antwerp lights float by while enjoying the lovely food. We didn't talk much, because sometimes a date is even better if you don't talk. It reminded me of our beach evenings in Puerto Rico, or coping with the French heatwave in our Provençale pool. Quietly sharing unforgettable experiences with your love by your side, being satisfied knowing that they are happy and content: that's basically a slice of heaven to me.

You can buy the HE and SHE fragrances here. Great gift for couples!

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