Hi guys! Time for the WEEEEEEEKEEEEEND! And I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend to begin. Time to sleep as long as I want, chill as much as I want, watch all the crappy tv-shows I want: heaven! 

One thing I always love to do when I'm just enjoying me-time, is (window)shop online. It might sound really fracking superficial, but I have to admit that online window shopping is one of my favourite pass times. Cataloguing everything that's there, finding the best items at the best prices, favouriting them and thinking of how and why they'd work with my outfits... It's a strange thing to do, but I like it. Most of the time I don't even buy anything!

If you ask me, it's just a habit that builds on our hunter-gatherer history. I hunt pretty items, and I gather them! :-D And I know a lot of you are just the same. So! I hope you're excited to hear about the new sponsor I will be writing posts about now and then: Spartoo, a webshop offering a great selection of gorgeous shoes (schoenen) by some of my favorite brands like Nike, Converse and Vans (yep, still alllll about sneakers). Not only do they have a big huge offering, they also have lots of nice discounts going on. Just look at these pretty babies, marked down to 55,99€ (also available with high tops)

Totally perfect for fourth of July, right?  Just imagine them with a little white dress, a pony tail to keep the heat off of your neck and some ribs on the BBQ and BAM, summer's here at last! And very Lana Del Rey at that. 


I'm going to see her live next Friday, super excited about that one. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ik ben ook echt helemaal into het hunting-aspect van shoppen: uren online jagen, prijsjes vergelijken en het juiste moment afwachten om BAM, toe te slaan. Ahhhh, the satisfaction! (en oooh yes welcome to the Spartoo-club!)

  2. Ik wil ook naar Lanaaaaaaaaaa.

  3. Spartoo <3
    Online window shopping is tha best!
    Naomi, x