Floral, Denim, Sticky Hair

jacket, sandals: H&M - dress: gift - sunglasses: ASOS - friendship bracelets: Village Gallery Design via Etsy

Aaaaand this is what I wore to stuff my face at the Euro Market. I don't think you can really tell in these pictures, but my hair was gross and sticky and in knots because it was a very windy day: the wind had been blowing my hair into basically all of the foods I had been sampling all afternoon. The curryketchup on my bratwurst probably had the worst (pun intended) effect, especially mixed with white chocolate (among others). Did not smell pleasant, I can assure you.

This dress was a gift from my sister in law. I think little floral dresses are absolutely awesome, a timeless basic. And I love them especially in Alexa Chung-esque ensembles, paired with denim jackets, sandals and a cute bag. So thank you, sis!!

I'm sort of stressed out and tired after a day of running around, getting stuff done and preparing the BBQ we're hosting tomorrow. I like hosting dinners and parties and the like, but it's SO MUCH HASSLE. And you can just count on at least SOMETHING going wrong at the last minute... Breathe and enjoy the moment, guuuurl. I really need to remind myself that not always being perfect and in control is OK. Lemme tell you, being me can get pretty demanding from time to time. Especially if your secret spirit animal is aspiring Stepford Wife Mrs. Bree Vandekamp.


  1. Hihi, ik herken de locatie :) Loving the easy look!
    Ik moet dat jeans vestje ook hebben, wil het al van vorig jaar. Al 100x vastgehad ofzooo. Amuseer u morgen!

  2. ik draag het ZO vaak, perfecte fit, aanrader! thnks :)

  3. Leuke look, ook echt iets voor jou!


  4. cute floral dress

  5. i like your dress.. so pretty. :)

  6. I love the outfit. Demin jackets with summer dresses are just timeless. :)

    Don't stress about the BBQ, once it comes round you'll have a great time, I'm sure of it! :D


  7. Bree Vandekamp? Jeetje, pretty demanding indeed!
    Ik ben er zeker van dat je BBQ goed zal verlopen, no stress!

    Héél leuk vestje en jurkje. Wil ook wel zo'n schoonzus :-)


  8. OMG ASOS is selling those bracelets now? What a total bummer for me! I have almost that exact one in my non-profit shop and almost send you one as a thank you but wasn't sure if you liked them or not... oh well, live & learn I suppose. Either way, you look darling, love the flowers + denim & aaah I am so behind on my blog reading but looks like you're having a fabulous summer! I am so jealous of all these outdoor festivities, it's too hot to be outside here.

  9. noooo my outfit details are piece - brand not brand - piece! :D my bracelets are from etsy, I bought them from a guatemalan family business! Fair trade all the way :) i blogged about it here: http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.be/2012/08/serious-stuff-fairtrade-friendship.html

    And I LOVE em! :D